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Community Overview

Jr. High & Up

March 9 - April 19, 2019
May 18 - August 16, 2019

COST: $695/person
(7-Day Trip)

Join a network of Spanish-speaking churches who are actively bringing the gospel to their communities on an international mission trip to Belize. Belize mission trips give your team the opportunity to interact with hundreds of immigrants from neighboring countries—providing a truly unique experience as you serve alongside an eclectic mix of people from Latin American, Afro-Caribbean, and Mayan cultures. Although English is the official language in Belize, you may want to brush up on your Spanish ahead of time!

Whether you’re a youth group, college students, a family or group of adults, short-term mission trips to Belize give you the chance to partner with church leaders to complete building projects while also reaching out to local kids through Kids Club programs. You’ll serve alongside fellow Christians who are thriving in small towns amidst vast expanses of jungle, encouraging them to continue reaching their neighbors. Will your team be a part of the story God is telling through the local church in Belize?

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Mission Trip Details & Logistics


With a total population of just 300,000 people, Belize is the most sparsely populated country in Central America and among the least densely populated in the world. While English is the only official language in Belize, the country has attracted thousands of immigrants from neighboring Spanish-speaking countries, leaving it with an eclectic mix of Latin American, Afro-Caribbean and Mayan cultures.

Residents live in towns set amid vast expanses of jungle, where you'll have the opportunity to work alongside fellow believers and community members who will warm your heart with their dedication and love.

Teams going to Belize may go to one of several different community locations. Experience Mission works closely with The Family of God Church network. This network of churches expands throughout the entire country of Belize. There are many communities within the country who have a need and desire for teams to come. All trips will involve the following activities & housing arrangements will be similar. The churches will decide where the need is strongest in the Spring and we will notify your team leader then where your team will be serving.

Trip Activities

Spring Break Trips

Due to staffing limitations and varying school schedules in our community locations, Kids Club and Evening Gathering are not offered during spring break trips. We do encourage teams to come prepared to spend some casual free time with the local children playing games etc. Teams should plan to prepare their own worship & devotional materials for trips from February-May.

Work Projects

You will be working in partnership with the Family of God Church, and your projects will be construction oriented with a focus on assisting the church and/or local families. You have the opportunity to work alongside community members and show God's love through serving with them.

Outreach Ministry

Due to the unique nature of this community, the opportunity for relational ministry may take place directly at your teams worksite as you come along side and encourage those you have come to serve. There may be additional opportunities to serve in various types of people ministry if the need arises. These types of ministry could include things like visiting the elderly, gardening, cleaning etc.

Children's Ministry

In this community, connecting with the local children through children's ministry is an important part of what we do each day. Teams coming to this community must expect to participate in Kids Club. Experience Mission will provide the curriculum for your teams use. This Kids Club curriculum will be sent out to Team Leaders in the spring via email. Your team may be asked to participate in multiple Kids Clubs and avenues of ministering to children.

Teams will be responsible to bring the craft supplies needed for their specific crafts and should budget appropriately. While we do our best to make sure the craft materials are cost effective, teams may feel free to augment any materials to make them more suitable to their budget. Experience Mission will supply scissors, staplers, paper hole punches and rulers. There are plenty of opportunities to connect with the local children through games like soccer or Frisbee. Tuck in a hacky sack, football or jump rope as they are sure to come in handy.

* Experience Mission works closely with local leaders to identify work projects and ministry opportunities that address authentic needs within the community. We ask that you come with a servant’s heart and willingness to adapt to the unique qualities represented in each location. Opportunities can vary significantly from one week to the next. Your team may work at one location or serve at multiple locations each day. Due to the changing needs of our community partners, we cannot confirm your specific activities until your team arrives.

Typical Schedule

Below is a basic schedule for the week, but we approach this with flexibility because our ultimate focus is on relationships.

Each morning, there is time set aside for devotions and quiet time. Experience Mission has devotionals/journals that are available for purchase or teams can supply their own. This is a valuable time and we strongly encourage everyone to spend it with God journaling their thoughts and experiences as the days unfold.

Our staff will lead a time of debriefing and a short devotional in the evening (what we call "Evening Gathering") and it is always a great addition to have musical worship. Our programming does not include musical worship as we can’t guarantee that our our staff will have this ability. Please let us know if you have anyone who sings or plays guitar on your trip so that we can help to coordinate the musical aspect of worship when able. If teams aren’t able to help in the area of music, it may not be a part of the trip.

Average Daily Schedule

Day One
3:00-6:00 pm Groups Arrive
5:00 - Leader's Meeting
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Orientation Meeting
8:30 - Team Time (a time for your group alone)
11:30 - Lights Out

Days Two through Six
7:15 - Breakfast
7:45 - Devotions and Quiet Time
8:15 - Group Prayer
8:30 - Teams leave for Sites
12:00 - Lunch
3:30 - Finish Work for the day
4:00 - Break and Clean-up
5:00 - Leaders meeting
6:00 - Dinner
7:00 - Evening program (as a whole group)
8:30 - Team time

Day Seven
7:00 - Breakfast
7:30 - Cleanup/ Packing
9:00 - Pictures and Good-Byes

Lodging & Food


Your team will be staying at a local church. Showers will be available, but they may be outdoor, makeshift stalls with cold water.


Food will be prepared by EM staff and volunteers from the local church. You will have the opportunity to eat ample amounts of delicious Belizean dishes. There will be purified water at the church and at the worksites.

Due to a limited variety of foods available in Belize EM can not accommodate any nut allergies. Please inquire with an EM staff member for more details.


Upon arrival to Belize, all transportation during your mission trip IS INCLUDED.


Destination Airport: Belize City

Team members are responsible to cover the cost of their round trip airfare into Belize City and should make plans to arrive between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm on the first day of your selected trip.

NOTE: The first meal provided for your team will be dinner on the evening you arrive. If your team plans to arrive before lunch, you should bring cash for each of your team members to purchase lunch after you arrive in Belize.

Return travel should be arranged with your departure flight after 2:00 pm on the last day of your selected trip. If you have trouble finding flights that fit into this time frame please contact us before booking your tickets to make special arrangements.

Exit Fee

When you leave Belize, you will be charged an exit fee at the airport for each individual. This will be approximately 40 US dollars per person, and you should bring cash for this payment. You will not be permitted to leave the country until you pay this fee. Note: Some airlines may include this fee in your ticket price. Check with your airline about exit fees before you leave on your trip.

Passports & Travel Documents

Each team member must carry a valid passport.

If you do not have a valid passport, it is of the utmost importance that you apply as soon as possible. The processing time for a Passport can take several weeks once your application has been submitted. An expired Passport is not considered valid.

Notarized Letter of Parental Consent

All team members under the age of 18 must carry a written, notarized letter from their parents giving them parental permission to leave the country. They must carry the original notarized copy of this letter. It cannot be a photo copy of the letter.

1) If the minor is traveling without parents, both parents must sign the letter.
2) If they are traveling with one parent, the parent that is not traveling with them must sign this letter.
3) If their parents are separated or divorced and both parents do not want to sign the same letter, they must have a notarized letter from each parent giving them permission to go.

Experience Mission can provide a sample copy of a permission letter or you can create your own letter that must include the following:

1) The full name of both parents and their formal signatures
2) The full name of the child
3) The full name of the Adult Chaperone serving as the Team Leader
4) The specific traveling dates for each country
5) The destination country
6) The reason for travel to the destination country (example- "youth group function")
7) The Airline itinerary (if applicable)

If you have further questions regarding required travel documents we advise you to contact the US State Department:

Local Partners

Pastor Nelzon & the Family of God Church Our EM Belize staff team work alongside Pastor Nelzon Guillen, head of the Family of God church network in Belize. This network extends all throughout Belize, connecting Spanish-speaking churches from across the country, supporting local pastors and communities. Mission trip teams connect with various churches in the network, participating in church building projects and Kids Club.

Upcoming Belize Trip Dates

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If you're interested in bringing your group on a mission trip, fill out this quick interest form! Our staff will be in touch with you shortly to help answer your questions. Also, many questions about trips to this community are answered under Mission Trip Details & Logistics above.

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EM Belize Staff

Pastor Nelzon Guillen EM Belize Partner

As the head of the Family of God Church network in Belize, Pastor Nelzon has a long history in ministry. Through his experience he helps idendify projects that short-term mission trip teams are able to come alongside on a longterm basis. Often times you might also hear Pastor Nelzon shout "ALELUYA" as he is driving your team around Belize in a big bus.

Mynor Naj EM Latin America Coordinator

Mynor is an integral part of EM Mission Trips to Belize, handling most of the logistics and construction projects. He also coordinates the Belize section of the 6-Month Caribbean IMMERSION terms and, from time to time, also helps lead short-term mission trips in Costa Rica.

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More Info

Registration & Payment

Experience Mission has specific policies regarding registration and withdrawal. Please refer to the document below for specifics.

View Registration & Payment Policy


All volunteers on a week-long EM mission trip must be part of a team of at least six (6) people, with at least one team member age 21 or older to serve as the Team Leader. Not part of a group? All young adults ages 18-30 are eligible to apply for EMs IMMERSION program.

Health & Safety

EM's Health & Safety plan provides the following:

Staff certification: All Summer Staff are certified in First Aid and CPR.

Medical kits: Medical kits that include first-aid supplies for general accidents and ailments are provided for each site. In international locations, we will also carry a Trauma Kit or First Responder Kit. In these remote locations we will have medications like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl and Imodium on hand. We make these available to adult team leaders for their sole discretionary use with their team members. EM Staff will not dispense any medications. In our domestic and international locations, we ask that teams supply their own medications like Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl and Imodium as they deem necessary.

Emergency response plan: Based on the severity of each emergency, EM has a plan for appropriate response.

- If a team member becomes seriously ill, they will be taken to a local doctor to receive appropriate medical attention and medications. If they are a minor, their Team Leader along with our staff will accompany them to the clinic. If needed, their parents will be contacted. Their recovery will be carefully monitored by our staff.

- If there is an accident that requires a doctor, but is not life threatening and does not have the potential to cause permanent damage, Experience Mission staff will locate the Team Leader, contact parents or guardians (providing the injured is a minor) and provide safe but quick transportation to a local clinic.

- In the event that an accident occurs which is life threatening or has the potential for permanent damage, emergency medical care will be secured and arraignments will be made if necessary, to transport the injured person to the United States as quickly as possible providing they are serving in one of our International locations. In our domestic locations, local 911 services will be contacted immediately. The family will be contacted immediately to assist in guidance for appropriate response.

All medical care is the sole responsibility of the team member. Experience Mission requires every team member to be covered by domestic medical insurance and recommends that team members traveling abroad carry additional international travel insurance to cover any medical needs their domestic medical insurance may not cover.

Mission Trip FAQs

Mission Trips involve many details, and we know you probably have a few questions about EM mission trips.

View the Experience Mission FAQ page

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