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Frequently Asked Questions

about the missions programs of Experience Mission


Is Experience Mission affiliated with a denomination?
Experience Mission is an interdenominational organization and is not directly affiliated with any specific denomination. Participants from all denominations are welcome on our mission trips; please see our statement of faith and core values in the About section of our website for more information about our beliefs.

Will 1-2 week Mission Trip teams be working with other groups?
If your team does not fill the trip to its full capacity, there is a good possibility that you will be working with other teams. Teams should plan to eat together, have evening program together and share sleeping quarters and bathroom facilities.

Typically teams are not combined on the worksites however sometimes we find it necessary to mix teams due to the size or scope of the project. If teams are mixed at the worksite an adult from each team will be a part of that mix to provide oversight for their team members. If the occasion arises where the additional team desiring to come on the selected trip is comprised of ages other than the original team that registered, that original team will be notified.

How many people do we need to run a 1-2 week Mission Trip?
Every community requires a different minimum team size in order for a trip to run. Please refer to each community for this number that is listed above the trip dates. If you meet that minimum team size you can select any dates listed for your trip. If your team size falls below the minimum team size you can join any trips listed under the "Small Teams" tab on each Community page. It is important to note that all people must come on a team size of at least six (6) people. We are not able to take teams of 5 or less or individuals.

Can I create a custom 1-2 week Mission Trip?
If you would like schedule a custom week exclusively for your team, please contact our office at 888-475-6414 so that we can discuss your options.

Who provides supervision of minors during 1-2 week Mission Trips?
Experience Mission staff will be on location to take care of logistics and to facilitate your trip. Experience Mission staff is not responsible for supervision of the minors on your team. Your team is responsible to come to your mission location with appropriate adult supervision to lead your students on the work sites & to provide supervision to them at the housing facilities, including meal times & in sleeping arrangements.

Can I come as an individual?
No, we cannot take individuals on our short term trips. All members of a short term mission trip must be part of a team of at least six (6) people. If you are an Individual, find a team of 5 others to go with you and then register for your specific trip! If you are currently a high school or middle school student you must travel with an adult team leader or a parent who serves as the team leader and registers your team for the mission trip. Also, check out EM's IMMERSION program, which is specifically for individuals age 18-30.

What adult to student ratio do you recommend on a 1-2 week Mission Trip?
To ensure that your students have the best possible trip, it is highly important for them to have the right amount of leadership. For Senior High teams, the recommended minimum student to adult ratio is 7:1. That's seven students to each adult leader. You can have more leaders if you desire to.

For Junior High teams, the required minimum student to adult ratio is 5:1. That's Five students to each adult leader. You can have more leaders if you desire to.

Is children's ministry a part of every 1-2 week Mission Trip?
Children's ministry largely depends on which community you are going to. Many of our rural locations offer children's ministry as an option for team participation. In most of our urban communities, Kids Club is an integral part of the program and is not optional. There are a few communities where Kids Club is not available. For specific information about Kids Club in the community you are serving in, refer to the "trip details" for your location.

Due to the varying schedules of local children throughout the school year, EM will not offer Kids Club during the "off-season" months of September - May.

Is transportation included during 1-2 week Mission Trips?
Domestic trips - Your team's transportation to, from and while in your community is not covered. You will need your vehicles throughout the entire week to transport your team to various locations for work and ministry. Using a school bus as your sole means of transportations in these locations is not recommended. International Trips - Upon arrival to your international location, all transportation is included. Team members are responsible to cover the booking and cost of their round-trip airfare to the destination airport.

Can I arrive a day early or stay a day late on a 1-2 week Mission Trip?
Due to the large volume of teams coming to serve during the summer months and the need to prepare on a regular basis for each team, we ask that teams limit their time to the dates of their trip. If you would like to stay an additional day in the area for sightseeing or other various activities, the arrangement of lodging & food is up to you.

Who will lead my 1-2 week Mission Trip?
An Experience Mission staff team of 1-3 people will be in the community to lead your team. These staff members are normally present in the community throughout most of the summer and work alongside EM's Community Partners there to ensure that trips run as smoothly as possible.

EM Staff take care of vital details like making sure your team has projects and materials, making sure food is prepared, housing and bathrooms are ready and any other logistical details that may arise.

Are there any additional expenses for my 1-2 week Mission Trip team?
All basic necessities such as food, housing, major work project materials and Kids Club curriculum are included in your trip fee. All in-country transportation is covered in our international locations. In all other domestic locations, you will need to provide your own transportation.

Additional expenses would be:

Kids Club - If your team is participating in Kids Club, your team will be responsible to bring snacks and the craft supplies needed for the specific crafts designated to your team and should budget appropriately.

Tools - Depending on your selected community location, you may be asked to bring minor tools like hammers and paint brushes, paint rollers and paint pans, trowels, putty knives, nail aprons, tape measures. These are listed in your packing list under "Tools."

Gas - In all of our domestic community locations, teams are expected provide their own transportation. Teams will need to drive their team to and from the work sites and Kids Club locations throughout the week as well as any additional extracurricular locations and should budget extra money for gas. Please note that in rural locations such as our Appalachia and our Navajo communities, things are very spread out and extra gas may be required.

Entry & Exit Fees - Team traveling internationally may be required to pay an exit fee when leaving the country. These fees can vary but generally range between $25-$45 per person.

Background Checks for Adults - Teams are required to run and send in background check reports for all team members age 18 or older. These are run at the expense of the team.

What time should I plan to arrive in and depart from the community the week of my 1-2 week Mission Trip?
Domestic Locations - If you are traveling to one of our domestic community locations your team should plan to arrive between 3:00pm and 5:00pm on the first day of your selected trip. Your trip officially starts with dinner and is normally followed by an orientation meeting. Departure is after breakfast on the last day of the trip.

International Locations - International arrival/departure times are specific to each community. If you are traveling to one of our international communities, you will find arrival/departure times in the link on the right-hand side of the community page. If you have difficulty finding flights that fit into this time frame, please contact our office before booking your flight to make special arrangements.

Can I bring my kids on a 1-2 week Mission Trip?
A: Special permission must be given by Experience Mission for children outside of the specified age range of the trip (Junior High, High School, Adult etc.) In the case that a child does come, they must be accompanied by their parent and their parent must take full responsibility of the child. Children 10 and under will have price breaks on a case by case basis.

What is the Evening Gathering?
The Evening Gathering is a time set aside during 1-2 week Mission Trips in the evening for worship, prayer, and a short devotional discussion led by our staff. While musical worship is something we like to be incorporated in this time, Experience Mission does not provide this component. We ask teams to bring guitars and plan to lead worship when able. The Evening Gathering normally lasts between 30-60 minutes. Following this, there will be additional time for individual teams to meet together to share, debrief, have fun and deal with team issues. We make this time a priority for you to spend with your team.

Due to staffing limitations, Evening Gathering will not be offered during our off-season months of September - May. You are free to lead your team in a time of worship and devotions of your choosing in place of Evening Gathering.

Evening Gathering will be offered in most communities during the summer months of June, July and August.

Do I need someone over the age of 21 on my 1-2 week Mission Trip team?
All teams with someone under the age of 18 need to also have a team member over the age of 21. Participants between the ages of 18-20 may go without someone over the age of 21.

Is a background check required for participants over 18?
A Criminal Background Check (national and state) is required for all participants 18 and older. Background checks need to be recent (run within the last three years) and Experience Mission does not keep records on file from year to year, so new ones must be submitted to EM before each mission trip. Background checks are run and paid for by the team coming to serve, not by Experience Mission.

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