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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

Glimpses of Hope

We know that seeing Godís power revealed in difficult situations begins with the prayers of His people.

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Rules for Engagement: How to Use Social Media on Your Mission Trip

To serve and dignify the community we engage on a mission trip with means humbling ourselves and going beyond the 'hero' mindset.

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Common Ground

During the course of the seven weeks that my team and I spent hosting this event, I witnessed countless connections formed within the community, but one felt closer to my heart than the rest.

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Our Daily Bread is Enough

This wallpaper stood out to me first because it created such a contrast compared to the construction happening all over the room, but also because I was struck by what a powerful prayer it had become in the midst of the brokenness that had enveloped this familyís daily life.

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Restoration is a Process

While the team came to do the physical restoration projects, God used it as an opportunity to show his goodness and his plans for restoration for His kingdom

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A New Take on Loving Your Neighbors

I know God orchestrated these relationships in a special way to strengthen His community and bring families together.

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Love for Niños

They find friendship, love, and, acceptance at this ministry because they are at a safe place where they are seen as unique children of God.

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People Over Projects

The relationships built between the teams and community each summer are so vital because they change the way we think about mission work.

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Part of the EM Family

There was none of the stress or awkwardness you would expect from bringing 12 people together for the first time to spend a week together. That's what is so cool about being an EM Alum.

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Hunt for Food

Finding 100lbs of rice, beans, and bottles of oil is quite the scavenger hunt.

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