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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

A Church Without Chairs

A question I want to leave you with is if everything was taken away, if there wasn't even a chair for you to sit in, would you still go to church?

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How to Select a Location for Your Mission Trip

Every youth pastor and group leader finds a different rhythm when it comes to mission trips. Most try to plan at least one trip each year, sticking to a consistent location or rotating between types of communities.

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How to Approach Your First Mission Trip

EM staff member, Heather Reynolds, sat down with Sydney Lange after she returned from from 3-month South Africa IMMERSION.

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How to Select a Partner Organization for Your Mission Trip

Selecting the right partner missions organization can be a great first step in making sure you serve in a way that brings life to all involved, while also removing the burden of putting it all together yourself.

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When God Picks Shepherds

God is so surprising sometimes. He chose a group of young, uneducated, probably stinky boys to be a part of the most holy moment in history.

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The Thrill of Hope

The hundreds of volunteers that have shown up to work on homes over the past seven months have been able to accomplish insurmountable amounts of work, but I canít help think that thereís a greater hope being built along the way...

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Social Justice or Evangelism?

When I look at the life of Jesus, his example seems clear. He didnít just care about peopleís spiritual condition, but he cared about their social and physical needs as well.

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Why Go on a Mission Trip?

It may be surprising that we think everyone should ask this question, but the honest truth is unhealthy mission trips can do more harm than good.

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Top Mission Trips to Take Post Grad

If you are post-grad and think itís too late to travel, itís not! Take three months to explore the world, and see the heart of God in new and exciting places. It may be scary to take the leap of faith, but I guarantee you will never regret it.

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Best Mission Trips for Middle School Groups

If you're unsure about whether you should take a group of middle school students on a mission trip, let me start off by saying that it is sure to be a life-changing experience for you, your students, and the community where you serve. But where do you even begin?

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