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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

The EM Story

In everything we do, people come first—all of them. Because, as the young man from Kosovo said to me, "I think in God's eyes we are really all the same."

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The Border

I wonder how our perspective would change if we were reminded that every place in our world is full of people with extraordinary stories of endurance, hope and perseverance.

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Our Home

We were invited into the homes of strangers, where we were welcomed to share in the tragedy of their loss and in their hope as we join them to rebuild their homes.

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God's Blue Roses

This group of amazing women are standing up against cultural norms in Cuba. They have taken on the amazingly difficult task of taking care of their high-needs children, many of them without help from anyone.

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The Lord Provides

That is one thing that I know I'll take away from this summer in Kentucky, and I hope and pray each team has taken away—the Lord always provides.

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A Free Offer of Mercy

Trips like this aren't easy, but they are so valuable. When I look back on that week, more than any difficulty I faced, I'll remember getting to see my amazing omnipotent God choosing to work in and through me and seventeen of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Video: South Africa Mission Trips

Come serve in Olievenhoutbosch to have your eyes opened to healthy local ministries serving their communities day in and day out.

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Seeing Through a Different Lens

My group that traveled to Texas consisted of mostly suburban white students and leaders, so I was excited for them to step into a very culturally different space, not as "saviors," but as humble learners.

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Working Toward the Vision

We love that we can help to make this church more accessible and more equipped to do exactly what they desire. House of Joy has VISION, and we love partnering with them!

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Video: Kentucky Mission Trips

Glimpses of what it looks like to come and serve on a mission trip to Pike County, Kentucky.

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