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About Experience Mission


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

In an ever-changing world, we want to love God and love our neighbors. We believe God is at work in all people and cultures. We desire to be creative connectors across diverse and historical divides, participating in God's work of reconciliation, justice, affirmation, and hope.


What We Do

What We Do

EM invites groups and individuals from all different backgrounds to participate in the work of loving their neighbors around the world, serving as equal parts connector, partner, and encourager.


EM connects people and communities on the margins to volunteers

...who desire to give their time, attention, and resources in order to be a picture of God’s love and participate in God’s work of reconciliation, justice, affirmation, and hope. Learn More


EM partners with local ministries and organizations

...who are already active within their community, allowing them to take the lead by supporting their vision for making a difference in the lives of people they live among on a daily basis. Learn More


EM encourages people of all walks of life to serve and love others with humility

...to give without expectations, to honor the dignity of all people, to seek to foster mutual respect and trust, and to deepen their understanding of both the beautiful diversity and the complex stories of communities and cultures they encounter. Learn More

How We Serve

EM’s Approach to Serving Others

We desire to participate in God’s shalom that brings wholeness, reconciliation, and justice. But, ultimately, these things will not be the product of what we do but rather how we do it.

We desire to participate in God’s shalom that brings wholeness, reconciliation, and justice. But, ultimately, these things will not be the product of what we do but rather how we do it.


Short Term Trips
U.S. and International Christian Service Trips

Our Commitment to Volunteers & Partners

As one of the leading Christian missionary organizations, we commit to connecting volunteers to meaningful service and learning experiences with local communities and partners that allow each person to:

Take part in simple yet profound service experiences

It is our hope that every opportunity to serve or give generously meets a real need in the lives of those involved. Whether you are taking part in a home repair project, encouraging the work of local ministries, or having a heartfelt conversation with a new friend, these experiences open the door to a life of loving your neighbors and receiving their love, day in and day out.

Connect to established ministries and organizations

People are the most important part of any service endeavor, and we love introducing volunteers to our friends and neighbors around the world! Those who come to learn and serve with EM support and encourage incredible, servant-hearted people already reaching out to their own communities in meaningful ways.

Engage cross-culturally with humility and understanding

EM’s Healthy Service Training (currently available to all volunteers who sign up for an EM trip) is designed to prepare you to come as a guest, ready to listen and learn as much as you serve. Increase your understanding of a new place, grow in your faith, and bring crucial experiences back to your own life and community.

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