The EM Team

Our dedicated staff who lead and mobilize volunteers to love and serve others in the name of Jesus.


U.S. Staff

Amanda Delbeke

"I'm passionate about the behind-the-scenes of IMMERSION and seeing the worldview of young adults change over the span of 1-6 months. When I'm not planning details or talking your ear off, you can find me drinking a lot of coffee, hanging out with my YoungLife girls, or running the tech booth at my church."

Amy Yoder
Servicing Team

"My first mission trip was as an intern leading trips with EM on the Navajo Reservation in 2013. Since that time I've worked as EM Summer Staff, led a 6-month Caribbean IMMERSION team, serviced our mission trip teams, and recruited for future summer interns. If I'm not coordinating mission trips I'm probably hiking with friends or playing with my cat!"

Autumn Zimmerman
Director of Servicing

"I get the best of both worlds. I work with teams planning their trips and I also work on the field in the Appalachia region. Working behind the scenes to help teams put together life-changing experiences to serve and connect with the communities I love is such a joy for me. Serving and Missions impacted my world in such a life altering way when I was a teenager and I pray it will be the same for every group that serves with us."

Chris Clum
Executive Director

"My faith for me has meaning in how I 'live my mission' each day. I am concerned most about the people in my life—those I have a connection and relationship with and the people I meet around the world. I am humbled with the very privileged life I live and my faith encourages me to care about everyone brought into my life. People matter to God and I strive to love and care for people better with each day I have the joy to live."

D.J. Morgan
Design & Media Coordinator

"I absolutely love doing creative work that encourages people to serve on mission trips. To me, seeking out opportunities to serve and then learning what it truly means to 'live our mission' in the world is such an important part of our lives, and it's incredibly life-giving to help tell those stories."

Emily Garcia

"I have a growing desire to encourage people to seek more meaningful relationships within their communities by connecting not only with one another, but with the earth, our home. I’m thrilled to be coordinating some of the logistics for the IMMERSION programs, where I’m able to watch others begin a pursuit of faith, adventure, and knowledge as a means of social change throughout the world! Outside of work, you’ll likely find me somewhere on a farm, slathered in dirt, dreaming up ways for folks to participate in restoring the garden of Eden."

Emily Wagner
Servicing Team Intern

"I began my journey with EM as an intern on the Navajo Reservation in 2015. I am excited to be returning to the EM team to help prepare teams to explore outside of their comfort zone and to see new perspectives in our partner communities. I love seeing people connect across cultures despite different lifestyles, languages, and beliefs. Building these relationships is key to having a deeper understanding of people that are different from us, and I am honored to be a small part of this process for teams that serve with us."

Heather Reynolds

"I am passionate about seeing young adults step outside their routine and make the decision to GO! I love telling stories and seeing God show up in the most unlikely places. When I'm not behind-the-scenes with IMMERSION, you may find me in one of EM's urban mission trip communities."

Heidi Clum
Servicing Team

"One of my greatest passions is for people. We are all on a journey and come from different places, but we can meet under the same covering and need for love. I enjoy getting to be a part of this process in a unique way at EM. Whether it's through relationships with community partners or mission trip team leaders, I love hearing their stories and seeing what God does in and through their experiences as they serve together."

Joshua Gray
Director of Operations

"As a college student I left the Indiana cornfields for a summer internship with EM in Jamaica and this lead me to my current role out of the Washington office. I frequently travel to our Caribbean or Navajo communities and one of my greatest passions is helping to provide opportunities for young people in developing countries. When I’m not working I enjoy running, hiking, backpacking, and exploring the Northwest."

Kristy Clum
Servicing Team

Linda Rawlins
Finance Team

"I’ve been a part of the EM family for years—raising my family with the attitude of service, compassion and dignity which is so modeled by the entire EM culture and staff. But now I actually have a new role behind the scenes, working on the Finance Team. Whether we are behind a desk or out in the field, at the end of the day, we are all here to glorify God, to be His hands and feet and to encourage others to do the same!"

Marci Heemstra
Kids Club Coordinator

"I have the joy of pulling together many of my strengths and passions in my work. I love the creativity and logistical challenges involved in designing Kids Club lessons, games and crafts that can be enjoyed in vastly differing communities. Any chance to highlight the Imago Dei—humans created in the image and likeness of God—and our need for the Savior brings a thrill to my heart."

Sarah Tibbot

"I get so excited to see young adults grow and transform as they encounter God in people and places around the world through IMMERSION. I work with our team to put all of the pieces of the program together and love strategizing, thinking creatively, and cultivating passion in the face of challenges."

Yonathan Moya
Regional Coordinator

"As an EM regional coordinator, I get to travel quite a bit. I enjoy traveling because it challenges my worldview, one experience at a time. I enjoy capturing my travels through photography. I also really enjoy fostering relationships with our communities partners and local EM teams in South Texas, Costa Rica, Belize, and Cuba."

International Staff

Daniel Bannoura
EM Holy Land Staff

Daniel is a native of Palestine and works alongside Keren to help coordinate and lead IMMERSION teams and short-term mission trips to the Holy Land.

Dave Bazin
EM Haiti Coordinator

Dave coordinates logistics for all EM teams in Haiti as well as our Education and Micro-loan programs. He is passionate about helping his country by serving others and living out his faith.

Demar Granville
EM Jamaica Staff

Demar is a school teacher and he also assists Pastor Gordon with the pastoral duties of his local church in Catadupa. He is a natural leader with a heart to serve others and live out his Christian faith.

Jacky Augustin
EM Haiti Staff

Jacky coordinates our Kids Club ministry in Haiti, and he helps coordinate IMMERSION and mission trip teams. He loves to joke around and be the life of the party, but he is also very serious about his faith and has a big heart for others.

Jarrod Hale
EM Africa Staff

"In 2013, I joined the 3-month South Africa IMMERSION. I interned with the servicing team in 2014 before transitioning to South Africa in 2015. Since arriving in South Africa, I have had the opportunity to lead IMMERSION and two-week mission trip teams. It has been incredible to see the growth of so many team members during their time here. I enjoy working closely with our EM Africa staff and community partners in efforts to grow Experience Mission Africa."

Keren Kandel
EM Holy Land Coordinator

In the past, Keren served with EM as Summer Staff in Jamaica and Cuba and an IMMERSION team leader to South Africa. Now, she lives full-time in Bethlehem, Palestine, where she now coordinates all EM trips and programs in the region.

Leroy Gordon Junior
EM Jamaica Staff

Leroy Jr. is a full-time teacher, and he helps to coordinate EM summer teams. He is active in his the local church where he assists with worship and he has a heart to live out his faith by serving others.

Mynor Naj
EM Belize Staff

Mynor is an integral part of EM Mission Trips to Belize, handling most of the logistics and construction projects. He also coordinates the Belize section of the 6-Month Caribbean IMMERSION terms and, from time to time, also helps lead short-term mission trips in Costa Rica.

Nordia Fletcher
EM Jamaica Staff

Nordia is an active member of our partner church in Jamaica and she also helps coordinate our summer mission teams. She does a wonderful job of connecting with people of different backgrounds.

Pastor Leroy Gordon
EM Jamaica Coordinator

Pastor Gordon is not only our community coordinator in Jamaica but he is also a full-time pastor and oversees a network of churches in the country. He has lived in the small town of Catadupa for over 30 years, and he is a highly respected leader in the local community. He is passionate about helping people with their practical and spiritual needs. He is committed to "preaching the gospel in a practical way."

Pastor Nelzon Guillen
EM Belize Partner

As the head of the Family of God Church network in Belize, Pastor Nelzon has a long history in ministry. Through his experience he helps idendify projects that short-term mission trip teams are able to come alongside on a longterm basis. Often times you might also hear Pastor Nelzon shout "ALELUYA" as he is driving your team around Belize in a big bus.

Phyllis Salmon
EM Jamaica Staff

Phyllis helps to maintain the facilities of our partner church in Catadupa, and she has been active in her community for many years. She is a strong woman of faith who loves to connect with the EM teams.

Roody Quilted
EM Haiti Staff

Roody assists with logistics for EM mission teams in Haiti as well as our Micro-loan program. He has a tender heart, and when he's not working for EM he loves to play soccer and hang out with his friends.

Sara Hale
EM Africa Staff

"I love working with IMMERSION teams on the ground in Africa; whether it be behind the scenes or serving with them in communities. It is so amazing to see them walk out this journey and learn what it means to 'live their mission.' I am also continually grateful that I get to serve alongside our incredible community partners and continue the relationships we started during my first IMMERSION in 2013."

Sarah Molina
EM Costa Rica Staff

Sarah and her husband Victor are some of the most kind hearted people you will meet in Costa Rica. Not only do they help coordinate mission trip logistics for dozens of people who visit their community every year but host IMMERSION participants in their home multiple times a year. They have servants hearts and, with humility and compassion, have answered the ministry calling God has given them.

Victor Mayorga
EM Costa Rica Staff

Victor and his wife Sarah are some of the most kind hearted people you will meet in Costa Rica. Not only do they help coordinate mission trip logistics for dozens of people who visit their community every year but host IMMERSION participants in their home multiple times a year. They have servants hearts and, with humility and compassion, have answered the ministry calling God has given them.

Wilson Augustin
EM Haiti Staff

Wilson assists with all of our programs in Haiti and he is committed to serving God and others. He loves physical fitness, and he does his best to make sure all of the EM Haiti staff are staying in shape.

Spring/Summer Staff

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