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Experience Mission Blog

Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

What is Dignity?

When we feel judged for who we are, or where we come from, we can forget our own worthiness. This is dignity, the worthiness of being honored, respected, and embraced, regardless of your circumstances.

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Best Mission Trips: 15 Short Term Mission Opportunities

Join Experience Mission in 2024 on a faith-based serve and learning trip for youth and adult groups! Serve and grow together on one of these 15 short-term mission opportunities.

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Best Christian Gap Year Programs of 2024 & 2025

EM's Gap Year IMMERSION program will help you discover more about who God is, his heart for people across the globe, and your place and calling in this world.

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Best Domestic Mission Trips for 2024

Find the best fit for your group to learn and serve together in 2024! Explore serving in domestic communities that are just a drive away but often worlds apart. Where will your group seek to serve and grow this year?

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Looking Outward in the Age of Self Interest

If there's a idea making its way through our culture these days, it's that life is all about me. But it's possible to break out of this pattern of thinking.

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5 Reasons to Re Engage Mission Trips in 2022

In the wake of Covid-19, we've left so many important things behind. It's time to intentionally seek out the good and life-changing elements of mission trips we've been missing.

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Best Spring Break Mission Trips in 2024: A Complete Guide

At Experience Mission, we think spring break is the perfect time to unplug from academics and commit to learning to love and serve others like Jesus.

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Practicing Deep Love in South Africa

The fear of hurt often stops us from pursuing relationships because nothing hurts quite the same as leaving those who you begin to love. An IMMERSION reflection.

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Every Nation, Tribe and Tongue

Cydni's IMMERSION team has a beautiful cross-cultural experience that leaves her more in awe of God than before.

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5 Things God Taught Me in South Africa

Since returning home from my 3-month IMMERSION mission trip to South Africa, I've had some time both to relax and to reflect on a few things God highlighted to me.

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