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EM Vision Trips

As a future team leader, explore our international mission trip communities before bringing your team to serve.

Each year we bring mission teams into various underserved communities around the world, and we see thousands of people experience life-changing trips. Teams return home and tell of the amazing people they encountered and the new friends they made, but more often than not when mission trip time rolls around again next year, they're off to a new place to start the process all over again.

At EM, we understand the lure and excitement of new places, but we've seen the greatest impact on both the giving and receiving sides of mission trips when teams are willing to invest in the same community over a period of years. This is when teams are able to really begin to peel back the layers and understand the complexities of a given community. Are you a team leader who wants to go deeper? Do you want to look beyond the experience of your team and really seek to serve the community in meaningful ways? Perhaps a Vision Trip is for you.

What is a Vision Trip?

Vision Trips are brief 4-day trips where team leaders or prospective team leaders spend some time connecting directly with local community leaders to learn about their vision and hope for their communities. This is an opportunity for you to learn firsthand what God is doing in the lives of our community partners, and begin to consider how you and your team might partner with them.

We don't know exactly how God will use this trip in your life, but we are convinced it will encourage you and expand your vision. Here are some of the things that you can expect to come away with on this trip:

  • A better understanding of the needs and challenges in the community
  • The chance to get to know some of the local leaders who are actively reaching their community for Christ
  • A more clear picture of the hopes and dreams of community leaders
  • A better sense of how you and your team might fit in to what God is already doing in and through our community partners

Where is Experience Mission offering Vision Trips?
We are currently organizing Vision Trips to:

Houston, Texas

What is the cost of a Vision Trip?
1. Your Time
2. Your personal airfare
3. A minimum trip fee to cover your food, lodging, and transportation during our time in the community.

Who can come on a Vision Trip?
Typically, to qualify to join an EM Vision Trip, you must:
1. Have the ability to bring a team of 15 or more people
2. Possess a desire to genuinely understand and invest in a community in a way that empowers local ministries and people.
3. Have a desire to establish long-term partnerships with local churches/organizations.

Think a Vision Trip might be for you? Contact Us:

Mission Trips Support Team: 888-475-6414 | missiontrips@experiencemission.org

*If you're not a team leader, you may still qualify for a Vision Trip. Do you have a skill that you believe would be of service to the community? Do you or your network have the desire and means to connect the community to much needed financial support or resources? Get in touch with us if you feel that at Vision Trip may be right for you.