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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

You Always Have Time to Dance

What if you dared to set aside your checklist? What if you slowed down enough to truly listen and learn from others? What if the answers to big questions you’ve been asking about faith, freedom, and purpose are in a small town outside of Havana?

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Love for Niños

They find friendship, love, and, acceptance at this ministry because they are at a safe place where they are seen as unique children of God.

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Hunt for Food

Finding 100lbs of rice, beans, and bottles of oil is quite the scavenger hunt.

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Listen. Learn. Love.

I saw loving relationships being formed between the mission team and the local pastors because of the over-arching care and love and the unity of our God, present among us.

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Casa Culto

The government's limitation on building new church buildings has not stopped our Cuban brothers and sisters from worshipping the evermore powerful God from their pastor's backyard

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God's Blue Roses

This group of amazing women are standing up against cultural norms in Cuba. They have taken on the amazingly difficult task of taking care of their high-needs children, many of them without help from anyone.

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House. Church. Movement.

The amazing revival of churches in Cuba isn't happening in churches like we know in the United States. God is doing amazing work in Cuba through house churches.

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'Grocery Shopping'

One of our amazing teams decided they wanted to buy some food and bless some people in the community, but buying food in large quantities looks a little different here in Cuba.

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Mangoes Everywhere!

Our first team was able to be a huge blessing to this "mango ministry" they have at the farm.

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Building Bridges in Cuba

This March, 17 students from the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center at Purdue University traveled to Cuba on a mission trip and one of their team members wrote a great article about their trip.

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