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How to Go on a Mission Trip

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by D.J. Morgan D.J. serves as EM's Creative & Marketing Director, helping connect volunteers to life-changing opportunities to serve and grow together on mission trips.

If you're wondering how to go on a mission trip, you’re already well on your way to serving on one! And thankfully, it’s actually not that difficult to find a trip that works for you or your group. Below is a simple 3-step process to serving on a mission trip with Experience Mission. We hope you jump in and serve with us in the near future!

How to Go on a Mission Trip

how to go on a mission trip


1. Have a desire to serve, learn, and grow

If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a desire to serve others, and that’s great! A mission trip is an incredible opportunity to serve others in meaningful ways. However, we also believe these experiences are not complete if we do not also come with a desire to learn and grow together. Jesus’ teaching to “love your neighbor as yourself” means more than simply solving material problems for others. It’s a whole-person, holistic love that includes seeing each and every person as innately valuable. It’s a wide-reaching love that forces us out of our comfort zone and into spaces where we have things to learn from others, dignifying them in the process.

Put simply, this means serving others with open hands—freely giving of yourself without expectations or hope of something in return—and open hearts—to learn and grow in whatever ways God has for us in this experience.

how to go on a mission trip

2. Find the best trip for you (or your group)

Once you have a desire to go on a mission trip — to serve, learn, and grow together — the next step is to find the best trip for you or your team. This step is all about answering a few key questions, including:

When are you able to serve?
Do you only have one week or month available? Are you open to any dates in the summer or beyond? How long can you commit to your mission trip?

Who will you be serving with?
Are you bringing a group or planning to come alone? If bringing a group, how many people do you think will come? What age groups are represented?

Where do you want to serve?
How far are you willing to travel? Which service opportunities align best with you or your team’s unique calling and skillset? Which culture would be the most challenging or have the most to learn about?

The answers to these questions will help you determine just what you’re looking for. At EM, we currently offer two distinct types of mission trips*: 1-2 week group mission trips (for fully-formed groups coming together) and 1-9 month IMMERSION mission trips (for young adult individuals, age 18-30).

*We know this leaves out a huge population of people who wish to serve by themselves for less than 1 month or as someone who’s older than 30. That’s why we’re currently developing an individual volunteer trips program for individuals or groups of 2-3 people. If you would be interested in this kind of opportunity, join our individual volunteer trips email list to stay in the loop!

how to go on a mission trip

3. Take action! (by letting us know you’re interested)

Whether you find the trip you’re looking for or need help deciding, the best next step is to fill out a mission trip interest form (or one for IMMERSION!) so our staff can help match you to the best opportunity and get you on your way!

When people ask how to go on a mission trip, taking any sort of action can sometimes be the mental biggest hurdle, but it’s also super simple! Our friendly staff team is ready to connect with you about any and all missions opportunities EM offers and help you on your way to loving and serving others. Don't delay — get started now!


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