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Finding a Home in Namibia

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By Anna Fastenau Anna is a member of the 3-Month Namibia IMMERSION team that launched in May of 2019. This reflection was written during her time living with host families, partnering with local ministries, and learning to live the local way.

My time so far in Namibia has been a whirlwind. Honestly, every second I have to process and reflect is precious. But this morning as I was sitting with my host mom having breakfast, I couldn’t keep it to myself. God is so good to us here.

Even in the small moments He is so present and provides so abundantly. Over the last few weeks,

God has been challenging me to seek Him in the mundane and small moments of life.

Every day that I seek, I am amazed more and more. I have been blessed beyond measure to live out a piece of my life here in Namibia with such amazing people.

Here is a small list to share a few of the small moments I could give an eternity of praise for:

1. A host mom who knows I love coffee and makes me a cup before I can even ask to pass the kettle

2. A host dad who patiently waits for me to attempt to roll my R’s while trying to say good morning in Afrikaans

3. Host brothers who bring so much laughter and joy while singing old town roads at the top of their lungs Rugby games!!

4. Braais (best food ever) and the family members that come with it

5. Being prayed over continuously People randomly sharing scripture placed on their hearts

6. Being so included in this community and welcomed with open arms Being introduced as “our American daughters” and hearing my host mom say she missed her girls this week

7. Watching movies on phones in tents with my team

8. The laughter around the campfire every night

9. The hugs, so many hugs

10. Most importantly, finding the love of home on the other side of the world.

Our time here in Walvis Bay and in the desert with the Topnaar community is coming to a close soon as we go into our last week here before moving to a new location. As I look back I am so overwhelmed. I am so amazed at the relationships that were able to form and the love that was given in both directions. I have battled with my certainty of being here and struggled with homesickness on the regular. But the more I lean into Christ and look through the lens of eternity the more settling into every place becomes natural. God is present here. He is working in my heart and my cup overflows. It’s the small moments that make this place feel like home, and it’s in the small moments that He shows His great love for me daily.

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