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Community Engagement: 10 Takeaways for Successful Fundraising

JUNE 2020

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by Wayne Elsey Wayne Elsey is the founder and CEO of Elsey Enterprises (E.E.). Among his various independent brands, he is also the founder and CEO of Funds2Orgs, which is a social enterprise that enables nonprofits, individuals and organizations to raise funds while helping to support micro-enterprise opportunities in developing nations.

The following is a guest post by Wayne Elsey of Funds2Orgs, a social enterprise enabling nonprofits, individuals and organizations to raise funds while helping to support micro-enterprise opportunities in developing nations.

Mission trips are an essential experience for many young people looking to make a difference in the world. However, to take part in a mission trip often means that you have to raise money. Still, most people don't know how to do it. That's why I'd like to share with you some ideas that we tell our partners. As you know, community engagement is essential for any fundraising success.

Below, you can read 10 tips we often share with people like yourself concerning community engagement. But there is one thing that I'd like to say before getting started. It doesn't matter if you do a peer-to-peer fundraiser or a shoe drive fundraiser. Whatever you choose, when you use some of the tips below, success will follow. Remember, people want to support a good cause. By spreading the word in your community, you'll achieve the goals you set out for your mission trip.

Increase Community Engagement by Social Networking

1. Create a personal peer-to-peer fundraising page (like the pages EM provides all IMMERSION participants) and share it with everyone you know. Focus on the big platforms for community engagement, like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Ask a few of your friends or people close to you to become social media ambassadors. Once they agree, ask them to share the content you post with their network of followers.

3. Humor works on social media. So, an excellent way to increase community engagement is to use humor in your social networking. For instance, take a look at this funny mission trip fundraising video.

4. One of the things about fundraising is that people have to see themselves as donors. So, ask the people who support you to take a picture of themselves donating or to make a video in support of you about why they support your fundraiser that you can share.

5. Creating hashtags and tagging others is not just for non-profits or churches. Anyone can do it and should. To increase community engagement, create a personal hashtag. Also, tag your best supporters to amplify your message.

Get Your Town Involved in Your Cause With an Event

1. Do you know a leader in your town? Ask this person to help your community engagement efforts and fundraiser by hosting an event. Perhaps it's a BBQ or weekend lunch, either will provide you a chance to state your case to more people.

2. The chances are that you know video gamers. An excellent way to raise money is by creating a video game challenge. Participants donate to you to play virtually or in-person in the challenge. Don’t forget to select a cross-platform video game.

3. People want to be healthy, so a fun way to increase community engagement for your fundraiser is to ask people to walk or run for you. All they have to do is keep track of it with a platform such as Charity Miles.

4. Creativity makes people who do it feel better. Think about asking someone to give you space for a painting party and charge people an entry fee. It's an excellent opportunity for community engagement and fun.

5. Have a watch party event. Tech platforms, such as Facebook, Squad, or Spotify, help people have online watch parties. Think of an event or performance that people want to see and invite them to a watch party for a donation.


Finally, there are a few other things you can do to increase community engagement. For instance, you can reach out to local media reporters in your community. If your story gets picked up, it helps spread the word for your fundraiser. You can also reach out to faith-based bloggers to see if they would accept a guest post concerning your cause. Remember that with effort and consistency, by doing just a few of these suggestions, you will achieve your goals.


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