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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

Como Se Dice

Through this journey, I have tended to keep God within my own limitations. If I canít do something, God canít do it either. If I canít fix it, God canít fix it either. Yet every time, God continues to prove to me He has no limits.

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You Always Have Time to Dance

What if you dared to set aside your checklist? What if you slowed down enough to truly listen and learn from others? What if the answers to big questions youíve been asking about faith, freedom, and purpose are in a small town outside of Havana?

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17 Things I Learned on IMMERSION in 2017

We all jumped into the trip with a blind YES, trusting that God would make good on his plans for us...and guess what? He did.

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Changed for the Better

It is so bittersweet, this feeling taking refuge in my heart. The excitement of returning to one home, yet the sadness of saying goodbye to another.

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Just a Girl Living in the Wilderness

This idea has taught me to simply be present, to love the best I can because I have no distractions, and to be patient in this slow-paced community.

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Making Space

Simply receiving another person and offering a quiet space to sort out their brokenness is perhaps the greatest tool we have for evangelism, but we often look past it because it canít be captured in four steps and mass distributed to hurting people.

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Life in Belize is...

Pretty much the only predictable thing about life here is that we will constantly be learning or doing something new and laughing. Lots of laughing.

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I know I say every time I move somewhere that I'm in love with that place, but it's true every time I say it.

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