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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

Unlikely People in an Unlikely Place: Christmas in Modern Day Bethlehem

Jesus knows what it’s like to be a nobody in the midst of chaos. He understands the plight of the weak, the lowly and the marginalized. He lived it.

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More Than a Map

Before coming to the Holy Land, I remember the time I spent just staring at that little map in the back of my Bible. I remember just sitting in my living room in little ol' Cleveland, TX, smiling at a map of a place thousands of miles away.

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Let's Tackle This Together

What a challenge it is for me (and hopefully for you!) to realize that our life legacy is written day by day, minute by minute, friend by friend, stranger by stranger.

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My New 8pm Bedtime

I am living with two Palestinian grandmas who go to sleep at 8pm. Who knew I would be going from Senior year to the Senior life?

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Snuggled Up In Their Bed

Though they live in a land with a wall that blocks them from the rest of the world, there are no walls in their hearts, there are no walls toward me.

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What Am I Doing Here?

I don't have those answers. But I am choosing to immerse, challenge myself to put myself second, and to be vulnerable and uncomfortable for the sake of others.

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Turns Out, I'm Crazy

What started as a means of wanting change, a distraction and getting away, I believe has transformed into something with great purpose and intention.

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Simply Living in the Holy Land

While we played, the barriers disappeared. It didn’t matter where we were, where we were from, what we did... we were simply four people laughing about silly mistakes and teaching each other new games.

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Roof Climbing for Figs

Grandma's intimidating, direct, and sassy, but man, when she smiles, the room feels lighter. She's pushing us outside our comfort zones and leading the way to find the best fruit.

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Holy Land Documentary

As part of the training for this term, we will be watching this newly released documentary about the complicated issues involved in the region. Check out the trailer for a sneak peak!

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