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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

3 Ways to Use EM's Cross Cultural Training Sessions

How to use EM's 5 free 90-minute cross-cultural training sessions (with a group or by yourself) this summer.

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4 Things Worth Watching Right Now

In this season when we've all become connoisseurs of everything watchable, the EM staff wanted to pass on a few things that might actually help you love and serve others like Jesus a little better.

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Picking Wildflowers and Pulling Up Weeds

During our time here, we have had the opportunity to partner with Growing Nations, an organization that teaches farmers how to Farm God's Way, providing locals a sustainable source for food and income.

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How to Take a Gap Year

While gap years can take many forms, this "Year on Pause" is a chance to pursue your passions, discover your unique gifts, and hopefully, mature and grow in your faith.

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So You’re Graduating from College... Now What?

One of the best things you can do right now is to invest time and energy into continuing to learn and grow outside of the classroom.

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Cuba FAQ: Can You Travel to Cuba on a Mission Trip?

Because it can appear complex from the outside and you may have some fears or doubts about the process, we wanted to assemble a list of frequently asked questions related to travel to Cuba on mission trips.

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Best 2021 Mission Trips: 15 Meaningful Opportunities to Serve

Mission trips create life-changing opportunities, both for participants and the communities they come alongside. But these meaningful experiences often don't happen without a significant amount of effort and planning by trip organizers, team leaders, and missions organizations like EM.

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13 Books to Help You Love Your Neighbor (and grow in your faith!)

If you are looking for ways to grow in your faith and understanding of God and serving others, check out these recommendations.

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5 Ways to Serve While Staying Safe at Home

Whether you are at full-scale shelter-in-place or simply practicing safe social distancing to avoid spreading the coronavirus, you may be wondering what it looks like to love your neighbor as yourself in this season. How can we possibly serve others when we are being told to stay as far away from others as possible?

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5 Virtual Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

We want to be a resource for all mission trip teams and individual participants as we all navigate this unknown situation together.

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