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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

20 Lessons I Learned in the Desert

In our month there, we ran out of water, were bitten by spiders, chased goats, shared food with mice (not willingly), and even got lost in the desert...

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Finding a Home in Namibia

God has been challenging me to seek Him in the mundane and small moments of life and every day that I seek, I am amazed more and more.

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The Least of These

Here, every decision requires the Lord’s guidance and that has driven me to be more dependent on Him. I praise God 10x over because of the host family He has placed me in.

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Bind Us Together

I thought I was coming to Namibia to change Africa. But really, Africa is changing me.

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It's joyful to not have a clue what the day holds but to know that in everything, God is there and He's using every ounce of our efforts to bring glory to His name.

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Can IMMERSION Prepare You for Peace Corps?

You aren't going to save the world, but you are going to impact people, and that is an amazing thing.

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Who Will You Become? — A.J.'s Story

On my IMMERSION trip, I really discovered Jesus. I was surrounded by his presence every day in Namibia and fell in love with who He is.

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10 Lessons from Namibia

Focusing on the destination can make you disregard the journey and, for this reason, not knowing the destination can make the journey more enjoyable.

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Who Will You Become? — Julia's Story

Julia had always felt a gentle nudge to serve in Africa, but had no idea what that could look like long-term. She just knew she had to GO.

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I don't have a good answer yet for "How was Africa?" I can only hope to show you how it changed me.

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