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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

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You Always Have Time to Dance

What if you dared to set aside your checklist? What if you slowed down enough to truly listen and learn from others? What if the answers to big questions youíve been asking about faith, freedom, and purpose are in a small town outside of Havana?

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The Fullness of Joy

I donít need to wait for Him to show up. He is already here with me. Just as He is with you.

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He Makes Our Hearts Nice

Apparently, I had to come all the way to Africa to grasp this idea, but for that I am so thankful.

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More Than a Map

Before coming to the Holy Land, I remember the time I spent just staring at that little map in the back of my Bible. I remember just sitting in my living room in little ol' Cleveland, TX, smiling at a map of a place thousands of miles away.

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Groaning for Grace

God makes our scars shine and tell stories of His love. He is not disgusted with our pasts or limited by our current mistakes.

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17 Things I Learned on IMMERSION in 2017

We all jumped into the trip with a blind YES, trusting that God would make good on his plans for us...and guess what? He did.

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Changed for the Better

It is so bittersweet, this feeling taking refuge in my heart. The excitement of returning to one home, yet the sadness of saying goodbye to another.

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5 Years Back

At the heart of it, IMMERSION is still a grassroots movement of people from diverse backgrounds who are coming together to learn. And in the midst of our messiness and ministry, God shows up.

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These experiences should change us and transform us. We shouldn't forget God is working in every nation and in every neighborhood. He works just as much here, where I am now, as He does in the middle of Haiti.

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What did you do in Africa?

I wish I could express in words the difference it makes when you become friends with someone and do life their way.

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