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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

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What did you do in Africa?

I wish I could express in words the difference it makes when you become friends with someone and do life their way.

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Why I Refuse to Forget IMMERSION

What we did on IMMERSION will not be forgotten; the people we met, the relationships we formed are real. We were a tiny part of such a bigger thing that is happening in these communities.

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Just a Girl Living in the Wilderness

This idea has taught me to simply be present, to love the best I can because I have no distractions, and to be patient in this slow-paced community.

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Making Space

Simply receiving another person and offering a quiet space to sort out their brokenness is perhaps the greatest tool we have for evangelism, but we often look past it because it canít be captured in four steps and mass distributed to hurting people.

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Too Good for Words

I wish time would slow down so I could avoid the dreaded goodbyes for as long as possible. But as for right now I am soaking in every minute of beauty and heartbreak and taking in every lesson God is teaching me.

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Love Like Jesus

As I sit outside watching the rain pour down, I canít help but feel an overwhelming sense of peace. A calmness that touches the core of my being and lets me know that this is where Iím supposed to be.

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When Expectations Fail

I fed into the enemies lies. I was ready to go home. It is usually at that point where we see God's wonders, and that is exactly what happened.

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Who Will You Become? — A.J.'s Story

On my IMMERSION trip, I really discovered Jesus. I was surrounded by his presence every day in Namibia and fell in love with who He is.

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Life in Belize is...

Pretty much the only predictable thing about life here is that we will constantly be learning or doing something new and laughing. Lots of laughing.

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10 Lessons from Namibia

Focusing on the destination can make you disregard the journey and, for this reason, not knowing the destination can make the journey more enjoyable.

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