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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

Bahamas Hurricane Relief – Update from Kacy Cooper

Kacy Cooper's family in the Bahamas are part of Saint Cleveland Baptist Church and are networked with several other churches in the East End area of Grand Bahama Island who are responding to the basic needs in their devastated community.

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Why I Still Believe in Mission Trips

I fully understand the irony as I sit in my office supporting volunteer teams setting out for week-long trips to these very places I once refused to go.

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Imago Dei

This summer we are teaching Imago Dei or made in the image of God and going through all the characteristics of who God is.

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Trust Me

However, God has a plan, and His plan always works out with the best solution and in the best timing. I think this is what He has been wanting me to hear all along:

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The 'Small' Things

When we listen, we are showing that we value what the person has to say, and in turn, it shows that we value and care for the person.

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How to Write a Mission Trip Support Letter

Sending support letters is a vulnerable step in committing to go, with faith that God will provide, but it can be intimidating to know exactly what to say. Here are 5 Things a mission trip support letter should include:

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Different Kind of Homesick

Being far from home has taught me a lot about what home really is to me.

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Now What? — What to Do After Your Mission Trip

While your mission trip may be over, the good news is that your opportunities to grow and serve others are just beginning.

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3 Ways to Continue Serving After Your Mission Trip

We all want our mission trip experience to have a big impact. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t bring home all the great lessons we learned while serving and learning alongside communities across the country or around the world.

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Tree Streets

Being in a neighborhood and being apart of a community that is all close in proximity is something I have always desired. The value of community is huge and I have gotten to experience a little piece of that this summer.

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