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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

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When Expectations Fail

I fed into the enemies lies. I was ready to go home. It is usually at that point where we see God's wonders, and that is exactly what happened.

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Who Will You Become? — A.J.'s Story

On my IMMERSION trip, I really discovered Jesus. I was surrounded by his presence every day in Namibia and fell in love with who He is.

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Life in Belize is...

Pretty much the only predictable thing about life here is that we will constantly be learning or doing something new and laughing. Lots of laughing.

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10 Lessons from Namibia

Focusing on the destination can make you disregard the journey and, for this reason, not knowing the destination can make the journey more enjoyable.

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Life as a 'Jamerican'

Instead of measuring the value of the day based on how busy Iíve been or how much I accomplished, Iím learning to base it on how much I have loved and served.

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A Day in Shiroles

A day in the life of Shiroles is impossible to fully explain because it changes every day.

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Who Will You Become? – Karis' Story

Four years ago, I came home from Costa Rica for the first time. Needless to say, my life was changed forever.

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In Haiti, It's a Process

My Americanized brain says that when it wants something, it wants it now. My brain that's been touched by the way of life in Haiti says good things take time.

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Comfort Zones

Regardless of the fact that the Basotho people and I came from what seemed like opposite ends of the Earth, God was with us both.

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Let's Tackle This Together

What a challenge it is for me (and hopefully for you!) to realize that our life legacy is written day by day, minute by minute, friend by friend, stranger by stranger.

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