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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

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Voyageur: Video Dispatches from South Africa

During his team's 1-month South Africa trip, Cole created a series of videos giving an inside look at IMMERSION from his perspective.

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5 Myths About Taking a Gap Year

More and more young adults are committing to spend a year abroad, but there are still a lot of unhelpful myths surrounding the choice to do a Gap Year.

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You Are My Friend

I was challenged to not just say we are friends but to be one, then and until I see them again.

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Como Se Dice

Through this journey, I have tended to keep God within my own limitations. If I canít do something, God canít do it either. If I canít fix it, God canít fix it either. Yet every time, God continues to prove to me He has no limits.

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Bind Us Together

I thought I was coming to Namibia to change Africa. But really, Africa is changing me.

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Stepping into Love

At times, Iíve had so many other comforts that make it feel like I never left the States. But with that, the challenges Iíve faced are so different than I expected.

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We are not made for comfort, my friends. We are made to be challenged, to grow, to learn, to face those things that make us restless. In being physically distant from the people I love, I am learning to be much more intentional in the opportunities I do have to talk with them.

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It's joyful to not have a clue what the day holds but to know that in everything, God is there and He's using every ounce of our efforts to bring glory to His name.

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Can IMMERSION Prepare You for Peace Corps?

You aren't going to save the world, but you are going to impact people, and that is an amazing thing.

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Growth in Darling

The coals of my faith are always there and always burning, ready to be reignited at all times. The further I walk in my faith the stronger my flames become and the deeper the embers become.

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