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Como Se Dice

JULY 2018

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by Christine Lang Christine is a member of the Caribbean IMMERSION team that launched in January 2018. He team recently returned from the trip. This reflection was written right after her time in Belize.

Here in Belize, I have been challenged to look at the word “love” in a whole new way. My prayer life has been challenged to go deeper. My view of God has changed drastically. I can’t even put into words what I would really like to tell you. Words can’t even describe the end of my IMMERSION trip. It is nothing I expected, but everything God expected.

“Como se dice” translates to “How do you say...” in English. It’s a common phrase I like to use in Belize with our host family. Our host parents only speak Spanish, which I barely speak, but our siblings speak both English and Spanish. Therefore, when I need to figure out how to say something to our host parents, I usually start with "Como se dice..." It comes in handy a lot. 

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Como se dice...God’s love is infinite and too big to grasp” to a world of hurting people from all different races, cultures, ethnicities and religions? As I have observed the way we worship, pray, and live for God, I have noticed one thing: Our viewpoints of God may not all be the same, but God’s love for us never changes. I used to worry myself to death, wondering if my viewpoint of God is right or miscewed. But as I worship my God in my own language with 25 other people worshiping God in their own language, I know God’s love for me is not greater or less than any another person.

His love remains the same. He is not persuaded by one church denomination or the other. His love does not decrease when we don’t get it right. God loves each person in this world the same. Yesterday. Today. Forever. Just take a moment and let that sink in.

It was our very first church service at Iglesia Familia de Dios in San Ignacio. Every bit of the service was in Spanish, but our team leader, who is fluent in Spanish, helped translate part of the sermon for us. The pastor preached on many things that night, but there was one thing in particular that caught my attention.

He said, "When you search for God, it will lead you to strange places, which leads to success." In that moment I wanted to meet God in strange places. I wanted to know more of the God we serve. I longed to see Him like I’ve never seen Him before (Jeremiah 33:3). God wrecked me on the very idea of who He is.

Have you ever thought you knew God but later realized you haven’t even skimmed the surface of who God is? That’s the point I have reached. God is simple but complex.

Through this journey, I have tended to keep God within my own limitations. If I can’t do something, God can’t do it either. If I can’t fix it, God can’t fix it either. Yet every time, God continues to prove to me He has no limits. I still haven’t grasped the very idea of God, but I know I am a reflection of Him. Therefore, the more I live out love and live loved the more God comes out in me. 

God has called each of us to IMMERSE ourselves in this world He has created. Not to conform to the world’s standards, but to live out our mission.

Be an ear that truly listens. Be a voice for the ones who can’t speak up. Be the strength for the weak. Be a friend to the ones who look, act and live differently than you.

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