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Hannah York Hannah served as a 2018 summer staff member in Washington DC. While there, she led mission groups, spent time with the local community, and worked alongside our community partners.

Every evening with the teams, we have time to gather together to discuss and debrief what happened in our days. We talk about how we saw God in the community and the work we did. This has become one of my favorite parts of the summer. It is such a blessing to listen to the team talk about what God has been teaching them, and a lot of times it is very similar to something God has been teaching me as well.

This past week we had a team of high schoolers from Georgia, and our evening gathering time with them was some of the best we've had. One night we asked them if they had met anyone that they have had common ground with. One member of the team spoke up and talked about how God had been showing him that with all the people he has met so far he's found common ground in the fact that we are all human.

He went on to talk about how God had been showing him that no matter what someone has done or is going through, we can always find common ground in the fact that we are human, and made in the image of God. We do a lot a lot of outreaches in the park, which is where we make food and then go to a park and pass it out to people that are homeless. But we also take the time to talk to them and show them that they have value and worth in our eyes.

During these outreaches, is where it really struck him of the humanity in everyone. I think a lot of times it can be very easy to look down on or think less of people that are different than us.

But what it comes down to is we are all the same. We are all human, made in the image of God. All broken, and in need of a savior.

When we take the time to sit down and talk to people, look into their eyes and learn their story, the common ground of being human becomes evident. What a beautiful summer it had been, seeing teams and myself grow in the way we see and treat people.

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