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The Story

As most who know us know, our mission has always been to know Christ and to live Christ. This we do by walking with others in places that are not of the ordinary. Our mission is therefore to facilitate opportunities which have the potential to be refreshing to others—both individually and corporately. Experience Mission Africa is an extraordinary opportunity to radically live our mission.

We are based in Centurion, South Africa, but manage and facilitate outreach programs in various southern African communities.

Receiving teams takes a deeper understanding of both the communities they are to serve in and the expression of the Church they are to work with. Although people often look at Africa as poor and undeserving, Africa has become for us a Kingdom opportunity for renewal and reformation. The Kingdom provides a perspective for others to see the glorious beauty, the abundant resources, and amazingly rich cultures Africa has to offer.

We realize Africa is blessed, but we also know Africa is broken. Through EM Africa we desire to expose others to this paradox by bringing affirmation and reconciliation to African families and communities who live in broken circumstances.

We love the Church and are privileged and honored, not only to work with the Church, but also to be part of the Church. We are committed to serving the Church holistically and incarnationally in a way that is locally sustainable. This happens in the following areas:

Volunteer Mobilization — Leadership Development — Community Empowerment

EM Africa receives a minimum of eight teams per year ranging from two-week mission teams to six-month IMMERSION teams. Each team travels to two or more communities. Teams travel in between South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho, and Mozambique. Through each of these teams, EM Africa is committed to seeing communities empowered and uplifted. This is done by walking with the local expression of the Church in affirming local transformation and discipleship initiatives.

Here is where you come in!

We need people to invest in what God is doing in and through us; to invest by sowing seeds. We need investors to join us in mobilizing people to experience and participate in God’s mission, and, as a result, to bring hope to Africa. We strongly believe that every seed sown is an investment in the Kingdom of God becoming visible on the continent of Africa. Kingdom of God transformation does not lie in the size of the seed, but in the principle of the seed; a principle called “seedtime and harvest.”

Will you join us? Will you invest?

Partner with us!

The key to making all of this a reality is the ability to make ends meet, and this is where YOU come in! Will you consider making a monthly commitment or one-time donation to support our work in Africa? We need to raise $1,200 per month while living in South Africa, and we are hoping to also raise $5,000 for a “Launching Fund” to cover all the necessary equipment that is needed for us to continue our work. It’s a big task and we need your help!

Here's how you can help:

  1. Commit to being a prayer partner and join our email newsletter list through the form below.
  2. Make a monthly pledge, becoming an essential part of the ministry happening in southern Africa through our involvement. Your monthly gift will help cover personal and living expenses as we devote time and energy to the work God has called us to.
  3. Give a one-time gift toward our Launching Fund to help us get started!

Thank you for your generosity in supporting us. We love and appreciate each person. Thank you for helping us live our mission, equip young leaders, serve communities, and worship God in whatever we do.

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