Micro-Loan Program

Small loans kickstart businesses and bring about economic change, opportunity, and hope.

Local EM staff identify families in need

Micro-Loans are crowd-funded by donors like you

Under-privileged families develop businesses and begin to thrive

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Loans Are a "Hand Up"

Thousands of good business ideas from people who desperately want to support their families are never realized because of a lack of resources. Interest free Micro-Loans provide enough capital to get the ball rolling, empowering people to work hard toward their own vision for a better life.

Our Micro-Loans Recycle

With Micro-Loans, your donation is not just a one-time gift. Loans are paid back into the program, allowing EM and our community partners to fund more and more projects. We hope to see this eventually lead to the creation of a self-sustaining micro-finance entity in each community. That's sustainable giving!

Direct Impact Donations

100% of donations towards our Micro-Loans go directly to the community. Most of the fundraising goal goes directly towards starting new small businesses, with a small percentage providing the time of both their personal advisor and the Micro-Loan program director, both local community members.

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Pouchon Barbershop
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Moto-Taxi Fund
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