Cross-Cultural Internship

Spend your spring or summer serving and leading short-term mission trips in EM partner communities around the U.S. and beyond.


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Applications must be completed by January 31, 2018. Apply today!

Applications for Spring & Summer 2018 are now closed.
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EM interns don't make coffee runs

The EM Cross-Cultural Internship is a hands-on experience traveling and working throughout the spring or summer months in one of our partner communities in the U.S. or across the globe. EM Interns join a team of 2-3 other young adults who work together to provide leadership and logistical support in the field for short-term mission teams. You will take the lead in coordinating critical details for the teams such as work projects, housing, food, water, and transportation.

Additionally, this paid missions internship allows you to embark on a journey through a full cross-cultural experience as you invest in relationships with the local people. Whether you're leading mission teams in building schools, conducting home repairs, feeding the homeless, or running children's programs, you will be a vital part of bringing hope to the lives of many while encouraging mutual influence and sustainable change in underprivileged communities around the world.


Appalachia, West Virginia
Appalachia, Kentucky
Navajo Nation (AZ and NM)
Houston, Texas
Atlanta, Georgia
New York City
Talamanca, Costa Rica
Jackson, Ohio
Washington, D.C.
Southeast Maine


during weeks with mission teams (room and board provided for the duration of the internship)


5-13 weeks
(between late May & mid-August)


4-6 weeks
(between late February & late April)


Skills & Qualifications

Preferred candidates will possess strong leadership abilities, communication skills, the ability to problem solve and learn rapidly, teamwork capabilities, and self-motivation. Candidates must be willing to travel to their designated domestic or international community for the duration of the spring or summer. Bonus skills include experience in construction*, photography, videography, and the ability to speak Spanish.

*Special consideration will be given to applicants who possess significant construction experience, specifically in the areas of flooring and drywall. Please mention these in your application!

This internship is designed for young adults who have been out of high school for at least one year, either completing at least one year of college or gaining work experience.


Internship FAQ

What is the application deadline?
SPRING INTERNSHIP applications are due by December 18, 2017.
SUMMER INTERNSHIP applications are due by January 31, 2018.

What is the SPRING internship timeline?*
October 16 - December 18: Applications submitted
October - January: Spring applications reviewed and interviews conducted with select candidates
Late December - Early January: Spring interns selected and notified
Mid-Late February: Training (date TBD)
Mid-February - Mid-April: Spring Cross-Cultural Interns serve domestically

*All dates are subject to change. No intern is guaranteed service for the entire length of the spring.

What is the SUMMER internship timeline?*
October 16 - January 31: Applications open to submit (Note: we recommend completing your application as early as possible.)
October - February: Summer applications reviewed and interviews conducted with select candidates
Late February - Early March: Summer interns selected and notified
March - May: Summer internship details finalized
May 10-14, 2018: Mandatory 5-day training event for all summer interns
Mid-May - Mid-August: Summer Cross-Cultural interns serve domestically and internationally

*All dates are subject to change. No intern is guaranteed service for the entire length of the summer.

Can I serve as both a Spring & Summer Intern?
Yes, this is an option. Please select that you are interested in both internships and we will consider you for both positions. Note: Selecting both does not mean you automatically receive both internships if accepted. We will let you know what for which internship you have been selected.

What events are mandatory if I receive and accept this internship?
Both EM's training and the entirety of your spring or summer service are mandatory. Training for the Summer Cross-Cultural Internship will be held May 10-14, 2018 in Fort Wayne, IN. Training for the Spring Cross-Cultural Internship will be solidified at a later date. The starting and ending date for the Cross-Cultural Internship Program will vary depending on the community you are assigned. If you have restrictions for the dates you are able to serve, please specify on your application. (If you are applying for the Spring Internship you will receive training on-site and with our staff via remote communication prior to serving with us.)

Will I get paid?
Interns will be paid $200 for weeks when mission teams are present and $100 during weeks when mission teams are not. During weeks without mission teams, interns are expected to build relationships within the community and prepare for the upcoming trips unless a special request is made with approval from EM. Additionally, interns have the option to personally raise an extra $1500 for their time of service. Details and support materials are provided shortly after hiring. All summer interns are paid $750 at the end of July and any remaining balance after their service is completed.

What training will I receive?
Summer Interns will have 5 days of interactive training (May 10-14, 2018) before you begin your internship. Your training will include team building activities, cultural awareness sessions, practical instruction, case studies, and EM's philosophical training. (Spring Interns will receive an adjusted training and with our staff on site & via remote communication prior to serving with us.)

Will I have any time off?
As determined by EM, many intern teams will have a week or two off throughout the duration of their service. Other intern teams may work straight through their internship with only a few weekends off. During weeks that you are not responsible to host a team, your time will be spent building relationships with our community partners, preparing for the next teams, and taking some time to relax and refocus. You will be paid $100 during weeks without a team. Interns who choose to use this time for personal leave must first request the time off with EM staff members, will not be paid for the week, and will be required to pay all of the expenses incurred during this time.

Do I have to pay for anything?
Though your expenses will be covered once you arrive, you will be responsible to arrange and pay for the entirety of your travel to EM's training event in Fort Wayne, IN. You will also be responsible to arrange and cover your travel to and from your assigned location at the beginning and end of the summer. EM will provide $350 to go towards travel expenses for those assigned to a domestic location and $600 for those assigned to an international location. EM will also provide housing, food, and transportation during all activities related to your internship responsibilities once you have arrived in your assigned community. However, we do not pay for meals eaten outside of the weekly menu that is provided for the teams or personal transportation costs that are incurred on weeks off.

Can I choose my location?
Experience Mission works hard to determine the best location for each intern, as there are many factors that go into this decision. Though we do take your preference into consideration, team dynamics, necessary skills, and many other factors also play a part in our decision. We ask our intern candidates to be willing to serve wherever they're most needed.

Do I have to speak Spanish in order to serve in a Latin American community?
Yes, in order to serve in one of our Latin American partner communities you must speak Spanish well enough to translate.

Can I receive college credit?
In the past, many interns have received college credit for this internship. In order to pursue this, you must contact your advisor to see find out the necessary requirements and explore whether this internship will fit the requirements. Our Leadership Development department is happy to fill out evaluations upon request.

What support can I expect from Experience Mission?
Experience Mission will provide you with a great amount of support throughout your internship. In addition to the support of our local Community Partners, EM staff are available 24-hours a day in case you need to get in touch. Each intern can expect frequent calls with EM staff for logistical and emotional support.

Do I need to have medical insurance?
Yes. All Interns must show proof of medical insurance before the internship begins.

Do I have to be CPR/First Aid certified?
Yes, you must be CPR/First Aid certified. It is your responsibility to receive your First Aid and CPR certification before the training event. You will be required to provide us a copy no later than two weeks prior to training.

What will our responsibilities include?
As an intern team, you will be responsible for running exceptional mission trips in our partner communities. The primary areas of focus include managing logistics, serving the teams, and working alongside the community. You and your intern team will divide several responsibilities including oversight of construction projects, overall schedule, budget, leaders' meetings, outreach programs, housing and food, and many others.

Can my family and friends visit?
Experience Mission understands how great it is for friends and family to see you in action and experience life in your assigned community. Because of this, friends and family are more than welcome to sign up through Experience Mission to serve on a trip. If they choose to come on their own, this must take place during a time that you are not hosting a team. We ask that you coordinate this with us as time off, and you will not be compensated for that time of service.


Hear from Past Interns

Linnea Hardin — New York City
"I have been challenged and stretched in my understanding of living truly and purposefully on mission, and although I deeply miss the people I met in New York City and the mission teams, the way they all have taught me about Jesus through words and actions has shaped me in a lasting way, as I move on to my next phase of life."
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Trent Alsin — Oklahoma
"I am so passionate about the emphasis that Experience Mission places on relationships over works in short-term missions. We would be terrible representatives of Christ if we were to come into a community, build a house for a family, and make no effort to interact with or get to know the people."
Read More
Kathryn Graham — Maine
"Being an EM intern shifted my world. I learned more about reliance than I ever knew I would need to put into practice, and I learned that part of the responsibility of leadership lies in the willingness to give things up to God, embracing the fact that I am simply human."
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Jennifer Chevrier — W. Virginia
"When we approach others with respect and dignity, barriers can be broken. When we realize that the major differences between 'us' and 'them' is mere circumstance, the 'us and the' mentality is shattered and met with compassion."
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Rubie Nelson — Kentucky


Applications must be completed by January 31, 2018. Apply today!

Applications for Spring & Summer 2018 are now closed.
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