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Covid-19 + 2021 Mission Trips

Updated June 2021

As we make plans for Summer 2021 Mission Trips, we are looking at everything through the primary lens of keeping both local communities and volunteers safe, while providing meaningful and life-changing opportunities for cross-cultural service and mutual impact for all involved. We believe it’s not only possible but that it will be worth the effort more than ever before!

EM's 2021 Short Term Mission Trips will focus on work-project-based ministry. Smaller groups of volunteers will be placed at given homes and worksites, and all contact with local people and homeowners will abide by appropriate social distancing and safety guidelines to protect both volunteers and community members from exposure to Covid-19. This means that trips may not include some of the same relational ministry opportunities* as they have in past years, such as serving at nursing homes or directly with people who are considered higher risk.

We ask for your flexibility and understanding with these changes. We believe doing our part to keep each mission trip community safe from Covid-19 will be a great way to honor and respect the dignity of those we serve while showing up to care for people who are often overlooked. Below are the CDC-recommended safety guidelines we will be following on all 2021 mission trips:**

EM’s 2021 Covid-19 Safety Guidelines


1. Negative Covid-19 tests will be required for ALL mission trip participants.
2. Masks will be required during most mission trip activities.
3. Social distancing will be enforced between volunteers and anyone who is not part of your mission team.
4. Contactless temperature checks will be performed before the start of each workday.
5. EM Summer Staff will follow CDC-recommended guidelines for sanitizing and keeping spaces safe for all volunteers and community members.

2021 Mission Trip teams will be required to submit a signed document stating all team members have read and understood EM’s specific safety guidelines for 2021 mission trips and agree to abide by them throughout the duration of their trip.

We understand it may be frustrating to think about social distancing or wearing masks in a highly relational and exciting environment where these things are not typically the norm. In this season, we are doing these things out of love for the people we come to serve. “There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends.” (John 15:13) We believe it sends a powerful message of love to sacrifice a little of our personal freedom for the safety and health of others.

We are excited and ready for the challenge of continuing to make mission trips a reality in this unprecedented season, and we will be blessed by each and every team who takes on this challenge with us. God is going to do great things in and through each mission trip this year. We humbly thank you for putting your trust in our team at EM.

* EM will make a determination in March on whether or not “Kids Club” children’s ministry programs will be a part of any 2021 mission trips.

** EM Covid-19 Safety Guidelines are based on up-to-date recommendations by the CDC. If any CDC-recommended guidelines listed above come in conflict with state, local or community guidelines (or personal preferences of community partners), EM teams will be asked to follow the more conservative and safety-conscious guidelines between the two.

Interested in bringing your group on a 2021 mission trip? Fill Out an Interest Form today! We would love to help you decide when and where to serve together this year.

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