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Covid-19 + 2021 Mission Trips

Updated December 2020

Hope. Uncertainty. Caution. Excitement.

There are a lot of emotions our team at Experience Mission is facing as we plan and prepare for mission trips in 2021. Though no one can know the exact details of what COVID-19 will look like next Spring and Summer, we know EM mission trips will need to look a little differently this next year.

As we formulate our plan for Spring and Summer 2021 Mission Trips, we are carefully looking at everything through the primary lens of keeping both local communities and volunteers safe, while providing meaningful and life-changing opportunities for cross-cultural service and mutual impact for all involved. We believe it’s not only possible but that it will be worth the effort more than ever before!

Our 2021 Mission Trip Safety Plan will be informed and abide by all federal, state, and local health guidelines, including ongoing updates from the CDC. Much is unknown about what risk the coronavirus will pose in Summer 2021, so we're setting a baseline as if those trips were taking place right now. If the state of the virus remains similar to what it looks like today, the following areas will look different next year*:

* The exact details of EM's 2021 Mission Trips Safety Plan are in-process and subject to change as rapid COVID testing and potential vaccines become more readily available—and we hope they do!

** We understand it may be frustrating to think about social distancing or wearing masks in a highly relational and exciting environment where these things are not typically the norm. In this season, we are doing these things out of love for the people we come to serve. “There is no greater love than to lay down one's life for one's friends.” (John 15:13) We believe it sends a powerful message of love to sacrifice a little of our personal freedom for the safety and health of others.

We can be certain that many things will change between now and Spring and Summer 2021, but we want to assure you, your team, and the families of your team members that we are making the necessary changes to create the safest environment for both your team and the community you come to serve.

We are excited and ready for the challenge of continuing to make mission trips a reality in 2021, and we will be blessed by each and every team who takes on this challenge with us. God is going to do great things in and through each mission trip next year. We humbly thank you for putting your trust in our team at EM.

Interested in bringing your group on a 2021 mission trip? Fill Out an Interest Form today! We would love to start a conversation with you about when and where you might serve together next year.

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