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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

The 'Small' Things

When we listen, we are showing that we value what the person has to say, and in turn, it shows that we value and care for the person.

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Kentucky Blue and Strawberry Blonde

We learned from them the power of sacrificial love and what it looks like to cling to Jesus for strength every single day.

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Sticky–Note Schedule

Living life with hands and mind open to where that day leads may just be the most life-giving way to live this life God has called us to.

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Connecting the Dots

It is a very special thing to be able to walk around town and know the people you pass by, and we are just beginning to see all the connections between those people.

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Looking for Hope

It is so neat to see mission trip teams who are open to letting God work through them and how each person is a small, yet extremely important part in the work that God is doing in the lives of others.

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Dignity in Kentucky

The team followed the example Jesus set in the importance of dignifying others. They looked each resident path in the eyes, genuinely smiling and actually caring about how they were doing.

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The Lord Provides

That is one thing that I know I'll take away from this summer in Kentucky, and I hope and pray each team has taken away—the Lord always provides.

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Video: Kentucky Mission Trips

Glimpses of what it looks like to come and serve on a mission trip to Pike County, Kentucky.

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Living Our Mission in Kentucky

Not only was this week awesome for getting work done, but we really had the privilege to take some time to get to know these families as well.

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Journeys of Service and Love

I'm overwhelmed with the strength the Lord has provided us, while also excited looking at the work that could only be done by Him in this community.

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