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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

What West Virginia Taught Me

I thought I would be interacting with kids in the community, maybe learning a bit more about construction, and facilitating the schedule for the teams that came through. While this was all true, it was also so much more.

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Love Vulnerably

My team loved me this week because they took my vulnerability--the little piece of myself that I gave to them--and they nourished it. Then they gave themselves back. They asked what I needed; they made kind suggestions; they asked for updates each day; they shared their stories with me; they encouraged me.

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People Over Projects

The relationships built between the teams and community each summer are so vital because they change the way we think about mission work.

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All One Body

We never know how big of an impact we can make simply by using the talents God has given us.

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Dancing and Rainbow Nail Polish

Every Thursday night, our community partners put on an event dedicated to helping the kids of Gary and the surrounding communities not become victims of their circumstances, and we're lucky enough to be there.

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Peace Like A River

Like the noisy river in front of me, true peace envelops us in a way which blocks out the cares and concerns of the world around us.

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A True Servant's Heart

Through sweet Cedaysia, God reminded me what it means to be a servant here in Gary, West Virginia.

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Let Go and Let God

Summer mission trips in Gary, West Virginia have begun! Though the days have been long, the busyness is worth it.

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A Free Offer of Mercy

Trips like this aren't easy, but they are so valuable. When I look back on that week, more than any difficulty I faced, I'll remember getting to see my amazing omnipotent God choosing to work in and through me and seventeen of my brothers and sisters in Christ.

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Volunteer Video: West Virginia Mission Trips

A great video put together by West Virginia mission trip volunteer David Roden from Michigan!

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