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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

Introducing RISING ó A New Way to Live Your Mission

When we see the widening gap between those who have opportunity and resources compared to those who don't, we think it should matter. Community empowerment is part of our mission so we can address this disparity that steals hope and erodes people's sense of worth and dignity.

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Why IMMERSION is for Men, Too

Three current male team members share the things their trip has allowed them to do outside of the traditional view of mission trips and why more guys should pursue joining an IMMERSION program.

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Mwen Pa Kompran

We are the same; we are different. And while I do not understand it at all, I am learning that God did not create us to understand why we were created the way that we were. He created us to serve and love Him.

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The Fullness of Joy

I donít need to wait for Him to show up. He is already here with me. Just as He is with you.

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These experiences should change us and transform us. We shouldn't forget God is working in every nation and in every neighborhood. He works just as much here, where I am now, as He does in the middle of Haiti.

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In Haiti, It's a Process

My Americanized brain says that when it wants something, it wants it now. My brain that's been touched by the way of life in Haiti says good things take time.

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Who Will You Become? — Janna's Story

IMMERSION changed my perspective so completely that returning to the same life I had left one year earlier was one of the most challenging, yet fruitful, things I have ever done.

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Who Will You Become? — Luke's Story

Our IMMERSION program gives young adults the chance to go and serve, but also the challenge to come back and make a difference at home.

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My Stolen Heart

Each day Haiti felt more and more like home, like this is where I belonged.

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Much More Than That

Haiti is a lot different from the U.S., yet it's not. They want to love and be loved, they want to cry and laugh until they cry, they want to be understood.

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