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Best Mission Trips for Middle School Groups

If you're unsure about whether you should take a group of middle school students on a mission trip, let me start off by saying that it is sure to be a life-changing experience for you, your students, and the community where you serve. But where do you even begin?

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10 Best High School Mission Trips

During this time of life, mission trips can be an incredibly impactful way to challenge students and help them engage deeply with service at a local and global level ó and thatís worth pursuing.

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Imago Dei

This summer we are teaching Imago Dei or made in the image of God and going through all the characteristics of who God is.

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Tree Streets

Being in a neighborhood and being apart of a community that is all close in proximity is something I have always desired. The value of community is huge and I have gotten to experience a little piece of that this summer.

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Let's Go to the Beach

We piled kids and leaders into vans and convoyed it to Fort Popham. An hour later, we found ourselves in the middle of the old fort, seemingly built just for us with lots of places to run around...

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Throughout my time here, I really haven't been able to shake the sense of admiration that I feel for both this city and the people who live in it.

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Cease Striving

When we're focused on being and resting in God, we're able to look and listen much more clearly at what He's doing.

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My Summer in Portland, Maine

Being an EM intern shifted my world. I learned more about reliance than I ever knew I would need to put into practice, and I learned that part of the responsibility of leadership lies in the willingness to give things up to God, embracing the fact that I am simply human.

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You Must Be Present To Win

In order to form sincere relationships with the members of the community, it is necessary to devote yourself, physically and emotionally, to being genuine and intentional.

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Worthy of Honor and Respect

I cannot imagine the amount of bravery that these refugees must have to endure this daily. Not being thought of as a professional, or someone who can even communicate well, would be a continual struggle.

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