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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

The 3 S's in New York City

With a surplus of ministries, including soup kitchens, kidsí day camps, and Bible studies, the Salvation Army continues to bring glory to God each day.

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Our Neighbor Thomas

Even though it took three years to get him to come to church, just the fact that he came is a miracle itself.

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Sticky–Note Schedule

Living life with hands and mind open to where that day leads may just be the most life-giving way to live this life God has called us to.

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Love Vulnerably

My team loved me this week because they took my vulnerability--the little piece of myself that I gave to them--and they nourished it. Then they gave themselves back. They asked what I needed; they made kind suggestions; they asked for updates each day; they shared their stories with me; they encouraged me.

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Glorify God In All You Do

Sometimes we will be right in the front, interacting with all the people. Other times we will be behind the scenes, helping others serve. Both are needed. Both are beautiful. Both glorify God.

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Glimpses of Hope

We know that seeing Godís power revealed in difficult situations begins with the prayers of His people.

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Rules for Engagement: How to Use Social Media on Your Mission Trip

To serve and dignify the community we engage on a mission trip with means humbling ourselves and going beyond the 'hero' mindset.

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Common Ground

During the course of the seven weeks that my team and I spent hosting this event, I witnessed countless connections formed within the community, but one felt closer to my heart than the rest.

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Our Daily Bread is Enough

This wallpaper stood out to me first because it created such a contrast compared to the construction happening all over the room, but also because I was struck by what a powerful prayer it had become in the midst of the brokenness that had enveloped this familyís daily life.

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Restoration is a Process

While the team came to do the physical restoration projects, God used it as an opportunity to show his goodness and his plans for restoration for His kingdom

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