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Cuba FAQ: Can You Travel to Cuba on a Mission Trip?

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by Kelsey Bennett Kelsey is a member of the EM U.S. staff who uses her experience leading mission trips to encourage others to serve in communities in Latin America and around the world.

With constant travel restrictions, shifting laws, and complex history, many people wonder, Is it even possible to travel to Cuba on a mission trip? EM has been connecting teams to ministries in Cuba for more than 5 years, and we’ve continued to monitor the changing requirements to go and serve. Because it can appear complex from the outside and you may have some fears or doubts about the process, we wanted to assemble a list of frequently asked questions related to travel to Cuba on mission trips.

Are you allowed to travel to Cuba right now?

Yes! There are new rules as of 2019, but Experience Mission is licensed by the US government to run trips to Cuba.

Is it safe to travel to Cuba?

As with any location, we take every precaution for our teams to have a safe experience. Our local staff keeps up to date on local news and information, helping us determine the safest activities and locations for mission trip team members.

Where should I fly into for my Cuba missiontrip?

As of December 2019, the only airport you are allowed to travel into is Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport. In the past, te

ams have also flown into Varadero, but Havana is not a very long drive from where teams will stay.

How hard is it to get a Cuban visa?

It’s very simple! We recommend using cubavisaservices.com to purchase and apply for your visa. The process takes 2-3 weeks. Once you’re registered for an EM trip to Cuba, our mission trip support staff can walk you through the process.

Do you need health insurance to travel to Cuba?

Cuba has a socialized healthcare system, which requires all visitors to purchase additional health insurance when traveling into the country in order to access local services. Typically this is built into the price of your plane ticket. Check with your airline carrier to see if it is included for you. If it isn’t, you may purchase it at the airport.

Once we’re there, what does an EM mission trip to Cuba look like?

Cuban mission trips are an incredible way to experience local culture and see what life looks like for local people. During your time in Cuba, you will build meaningful relationships with local people while encouraging believers to live our their faith in a unique context. From volunteering your time to long chats after meals, your experience in Cuba will change you forever.

Interested in joining us on a Cuba mission trip? Fill out an interest form, or check out opportunities to spend one month in Cuba on IMMERSION. We hope you will join us in encouraging growing in churches in Cuba!


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