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Pockets of Heaven

JULY 2019

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By Morgan Maple Morgan is a member of the EM Summer staff team serving in New Mexico. This reflection was written during her time leading mission trips, getting to know local partners, and investing in the local community.

I have found a little pocket of Heaven on this enormous planet. It’s too magical to share everything about it but I will share a little…

Each night while on the mission trip, teams participate in Evening Gathering. This is a time where the whole team gets together, and we share about the day, while also getting to dig into The Word. One of the videos that we play during this time is about Heaven and Earth. It talks about how Jesus brings pockets of Heaven to Earth. This is where God’s kingdom comes down and we experience His presence.

Here on The Rez, God is so present and the people here have created a pocket of Heaven.

This past week and a half, I have had the privilege of staying on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. This is truly a pocket of heaven. This week has been the hardest but most fun I have ever had in my life. I have experienced so many things… like figuring out how to pick up 14 children for Kids’ Club all while not being able to drive, showering in a tent, using outhouses as your only bathroom, and eating a locust (an interesting experience). However, I have seen the biggest smiles, received more hugs than in my lifetime, and have felt so close to God. I have truly felt Heaven on Earth.

I have seen and felt the largest part of Heaven in the children that come to Kids’ Club – each one created uniquely by a heavenly Father that knows and loves them. They bring so much joy and laughter to my life. I feel that when I have to leave them, part of my heart will be ripped out.

Every bracelet or necklace I receive digs further into my heart. I have quite the collection now and cherish each one! Each bracelet represents the love that the children pour out. They are beautiful reminders of Christ’s love poured out for us.

I have yet to mention the stars I have seen in this place. Those alone are a piece of heaven! I stand in awe at the beauty as they wrap around the sky like a dome. I stood there and it brought tears to my eyes thinking how lucky I am to be able to encounter this pocket of heaven.

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