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Glimpses of Hope

MAY 2018

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by Nick Loll After serving as a member of EM's Summer Staff in McDowell County, West Virginia, Nick answered the call to coordinate all relief mission trip efforts in the Houston, Texas area after their devastating hurricane and flooding.

Since last Fall, EM has been hosting relief mission trip teams in Houston and Port Arthur, Texas, who are helping restore homes and communities where Hurricane Harvey and subsequent flooding wreaked havoc in 2017. Here are just a few snippets and stories from our Fall and Spring trips as we prepare for a huge summer of mission trips kicking off later this month!

Texas Hurricane Relief

After several weeks of working on the Valencia family’s home, they are almost ready to move in! Relief mission trip teams have helped hang 80% of the sheetrock in their home. With a newborn child in tow, the family has been staying at a family member’s home with three other families all staying in the same place. We’re excited to see them back in their home soon after what has seemed like an eternity of waiting for the impossible to happen since the hurricane and flooding gutted their home.

Texas Hurricane Relief

In one of the communities EM relief teams served in this spring, there were signs everywhere saying, “Boil Water Notice.” Seeing these signs brings me to reflect on living in Asia and traveling to Mexico where water isn’t potable. We don’t often expect to see it in the U.S., but these communities, because of the devastation of Harvey, could no longer freely drink water from their faucets. Months have passed and the vacancy of Pinewood Community where this sign is located gives off a “ghost town” feel. There are no kids running around outside or playing, no neighbors out and about. But God is giving glimpses of hope as more FEMA trailers have appeared over the last couple months, meaning the people who live here are at least receiving some support to get back on their feet.

Texas Hurricane Relief

Earlier this spring, while leading devotions for a relief team, we started a “prayer wall.” More important than anything we do is the time we spend in prayer with our Father. We’ve talked consistently this year about its significance in our devotional time. Every week, relief teams express a variety of needs and post them on this “wall.” We bring the wall into orientation for the next group’s team and have them pray for the previous week’s team and the community they're about to enter. We started this cycle and will continue to do this in Houston and Port Arthur throughout the summer and beyond. We know that seeing God’s power revealed in difficult situations begins with the prayers of His people.

Texas Hurricane Relief

The stories of devastation and hope are too many to count here in Texas. We are so excited for the teams who will see and experience them this summer and hopefully make a commitment to return year after year until the communities of thousands upon thousands of displaced families and neighbors are restored. Thanks for following along and serving with us!

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