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Introducing RISING A New Way to Live Your Mission

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by the EM Staff Team

We have exciting news to share with you! As we at Experience Mission pursue our 3 main focuses: mobilizing volunteers, developing leaders and empowering communities, we continue to challenge ourselves to fight for justice, stay in motion, and always remind ourselves that we are all the same in God’s eyes. When we see the widening gap between those that have opportunity and resources compared to those who don’t, we think it should matter. Community empowerment is part of our mission so we can address this disparity that steals hope and erodes people's sense of worth and dignity.

That's why all of us at EM are very excited to announce the official launch of RISING!

RISING is a youth empowerment program started in Haiti that exists to inspire hope by investing in the physical, mental, and spiritual development of underserved students so they can build meaningful lives, support their families, and contribute in a positive way to society. Our goal over the next 3-5 years is to establish a solid base of RISING monthly supporters. This will allow the program to regularly fund education scholarships and mentoring for incredible young people and help it grow along with our local staff team in Haiti.

As we officially launch RISING, here are 2 ways you can make a big impact today!

1. Become a RISING Monthly Donor - DONATE NOW
We're building a support base from the ground up! However much you're able to give on a monthly basis will make a huge difference. Start by supporting our Featured Student today!

2. Share the RISING website—HOPETORISE.org—on Facebook & Twitter
Help us spread the word about RISING! The more people who share it tomorrow, the bigger impact we'll have immediately.

Will you help them RISE?

RISING Monthly Donors provide education scholarships for students in Haiti every single month—including all necessary school fees, connection with a local RISING mentor, and access to the RISING Resource Center. The RISING Resource Center serves as a safe place for students to meet with mentors, hang out, and access important resources including computers and the Internet.

Long-term, we hope to expand RISING to communities around the world, providing dignity and hope through education, mentoring, and resources.

We're so incredibly excited about this new part of the EM family, and we hope you are too. Will you help us officially launch this program? Visit the RISING website at HOPETORISE.org to share with your community and friends and pledge your support!