Will You Help Them Rise?


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by the RISING Team

We’ve been working on this for a while, and we’re thrilled to unveil RISING, and brand new education scholarship program. What started 5 years ago as a small initiative at Experience Mission to fund scholarships in Haiti and Jamaica has grown into a dream to support students through education, mentoring and resources—providing hope to rise out of cycles of poverty caused by lack of opportunity.

To put it simply, we, along with monthly supporters like you, are funding scholarships to empower underprivileged youth in Haiti. But it’s about more than just scholarships...

This program is first and foremost about opening the door to a future for these students. To us at RISING, it all comes back to dignity and hope. Education is an amazing avenue for these things. When a student’s scholarship is fully funded, they receive so much more than school fees—they join a community where they’re connected to friends, mentors, and the resources they need to dream, to hope, to rise.

Join the Community

This community of support for students depends on donors like you. Each fully-funded scholarship gives students access to mentors in their community who can be present in their daily lives and help them achieve their goals. But, it also connects them to a community of people who are cheering them on from a distance. By becoming a monthly donor, you send a message to these students that they have unique value and dignity—and that has the power to change the world.

Will You Help Them Rise?

Here are the three best ways to get involved:

1. Become a Monthly Donor
The best way to get involved is to become a monthly donor. You decide how much you’re willing to contribute to scholarships each month and we’ll handle the rest, allocating your donation to our current Featured Scholarship every month.

2. Start a Campaign
You can also join the RISING team by starting a campaign. By creating a fundraising campaign, you will not only raise money for scholarships but also introduce your friends and family to our community of support, inviting them to join in and donate to the cause. It’s simple, impactful, and helps us grow our community in a critical way.

3. Become a RISING Partner
We’re dedicated to keeping 70% of all scholarship funds in Haiti. That means we need faithful donors to support the growth of the program from the bottom up. RISING partners come alongside the program to support staff, marketing, and fundraising needs that are critical for the sustainability and growth of this program. If you are someone who has the capacity to support our program beyond a small monthly donation, join us as a HOPE Partner. Support the behind the scenes work and help us expand our reach to a wider audience and build the program from the ground up.

We’re so excited for today and everything that comes after. Thanks for your support.

- The Rising Team


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