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Stories from the mission field of hope, love, and the life-changing impact of cross-cultural relationships rooted in Christ.

Gap Year Growth: Trusting God with Everything

It was a wild year, ladies and gentlemen, but it was quite the experience. Much more than I couldíve imagined, but worth every minute.

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Voyageur: Video Dispatches from South Africa

During his team's 1-month South Africa trip, Cole created a series of videos giving an inside look at IMMERSION from his perspective.

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Growth in Darling

The coals of my faith are always there and always burning, ready to be reignited at all times. The further I walk in my faith the stronger my flames become and the deeper the embers become.

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What Can I Say About IMMERSION?

I wish words could describe the heart change I experienced in these countries and the work that God has done. The people I met, the relationships I builtómy life will never be the same.

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Big Love

I think itís safe to say the thing I will remember most about our time spent is the relationships we built with each other.

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He Makes Our Hearts Nice

Apparently, I had to come all the way to Africa to grasp this idea, but for that I am so thankful.

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Groaning for Grace

God makes our scars shine and tell stories of His love. He is not disgusted with our pasts or limited by our current mistakes.

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What did you do in Africa?

I wish I could express in words the difference it makes when you become friends with someone and do life their way.

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Too Good for Words

I wish time would slow down so I could avoid the dreaded goodbyes for as long as possible. But as for right now I am soaking in every minute of beauty and heartbreak and taking in every lesson God is teaching me.

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You Belong There Too

I came to Africa and these strangers allowed me the privilege to call them family; they gave me a place where I felt I belonged.

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