EM Immersion

Immersion Missions Programs

Live and serve in communities around the world for 1, 3, or 6 months

Serve alongside communities, build authentic relationships, and live the local way as part of IMMERSION, EM's cross-cultural mission program for young adults. Immersion challenges team members to put themselves second, to be vulnerable and uncomfortable for the sake of others. When we live on someone else's turf, the game changes. It's no longer about us or what we came to do. It's about how we can join in, listening to stories and serving in practical ways.

We uphold the dignity of others when we eat their food, walk their roads, sing in their language, and bathe in their river. When we live this way, it's as if we're saying, "we're all the same." This intentional living and being is what makes Immersion unique and life-changing for team members and communities alike. Places halfway around the world start to feel like home. Strangers become family. The message of Jesus becomes more than just words on a page—it comes alive.

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