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South Africa Mission Trips
Olievenhoutbosch / Vastfotein / Moolplaas, SA

Your 14-days in South Africa will allow you the opportunity to experience three very rich experiences in three seperate locations - Olievenhoutbousch, Vastfontein and Mooiplaas all while being based in the central town of Centurion.

Olievenhoutbosch is a township with a population of approximately 100,000 people, strategically placed south of Tshwane (Pretoria) as a development area. The township was established in 1998 as a squatter’s camp with make-shift shacks. Today the area has neighborhoods with very small houses funded and built by the government. Various indigenous ministries and organizations exist in Olievenhoutbosch to serve and uplift the community. By joining this "community in motion" your opportunities include working with a local Christian school, serving alongside after school programs & serving at a disability center.

Vastfontein is about 70km from Centurion and is mostly a farming community. The team will do outreach in the squatter camps / informal settlements located in the area. The team will do one-on-one evangelsim, playing soccer with local teams, visit the brothel and do some work on the farm; either in helping to harvest oranges, or to clear the fields.

Mooiplaas is an informal settlement close to Centurion with approximately 16,000 residents. Some people have lived in this community for as long as 20 years with barely any resources. There are no schools, or formal creches, no clinics or hospitals. Their basic needs include clean water, electricity, health/medical services, law and order, job creation, toilet facilities, etc.

To view more details about the specific outreaches please select the “Mission Trip Details” link on the right hand side of this page.

If teams want to do sightseeing trips (and are willing to pay for it themselves) we can work that into the program. In the Centurion area the team can visit a Game Park, interact with elephants and monkeys, visit Museums, experience Johannesburg and Hartebeespoortdam, visit African markets, experience a cultural village and much, much more.

Please Call 888-475-6414 to customize and schedule your trip. You can select your dates, the length of your trip and then work with our staff to customize what your team will be able to do. Plan on $75/day should you choose to alter the length of your mission trip.




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