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Join a short term mission trip to Appalachia.
Appalachia Mission Trips
McDowell County, West Virginia

McDowell County, West Virginia (part of “Appalachia”) is one of the poorest communities in the United States. Once a focus county during LBJ’s “War on Poverty,” not much has changed in 50 years. The decline of the coal industry left multiple generations without work and with a dependence on government assistance, a cycle of poverty that will continue to perpetuate itself without intervention.

Over the last 10 years working alongside Jack Fultz and the School for Life ministry in Gary, WV, we have seen what a little hope and attention can do. Hardships like addiction and poverty have created a “lost generation” in the area, grandparents raising their grandchildren, and there is a great need for local kids to receive mentoring attention and encouragement to live a life different than their parents. This happens at School for Life, and EM mission trip teams come alongside this great local ministry to put on Kids Clubs and further the ongoing work of our ministry partners who work tirelessly year-round.

West Virginia mission trip teams—youth, college and adult teams alike—also engage and serve the community through work and service projects. Many homes are very old and poorly constructed, sold for pennies when the coal industry moved out. This has left home owners in dire need of home repairs they are unable to afford and created unsafe living environments for many children and families. Mission trip teams travel all over the county to help with these home repairs while building relationships with home owners and families, offering encouragement and hope that life can be better, a practical and tangible way to share our faith in Jesus.




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