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Join one of our summer mission trips in Arizona.
Western Navajo Mission Trips
Navajo Nation, Arizona

In a region where Christians are often disdained for their faith, there are churches all across the Navajo Reservation striving to honor God in the midst of challenge. Join us on a mission trip in the remote desert to build relationships with your Native American brothers and sisters. You will be able to serve alongside of them to assist their local church and/or needs in the surrounding community.

Spanning an area approximately the size of the state of West Virginia, the Navajo Reservation is the largest Native American reservation in the United States today. The Navajo continue to live on the land of their ancestors, and their native language and culture has been maintained to a large extent, making this a unique cross-cultural experience. Navajo mission trip teams enjoy the beautiful desert landscape, eat Navajo tacos, and build genuine friendships with the Navajo people.

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We love that we can help to make this church more accessible and more equipped to do exactly what they desire. House of Joy has VISION, and we love partnering with them!

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In a moment, the full vision of this week's glory came to life: the people living on the reservation and the people visiting, joining together and working together.

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We are partnering with JR and Mary Lou in reaching out to their community. JR has a vision for the way his church can influence the community, bringing life to the surrounding area.

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