It is strongly recommended that for every 7-8 people, you should try to provide at least one skilled person who has the ability to help lead projects. If you do not have this ability please let us know and we can talk about your options. Fill Out an Interest Form and let us know which dates you would like to come serve!

Spring trips require a minimum of 15 volunteers per week to run a trip. Summer trips require a minimum of 6 people. If your group does not meet those team size requirements, select "Small Teams" above for opportunities to join up with larger teams.

Cost/PersonGroup TypeCommunityBook TripCost/
20196/16 - 6/21$425AdultHurricane Rebuilding (Florida)Register Now$425
6/23 - 6/28$425Sr. HighHurricane Rebuilding (Florida)Closed$425
6/30 - 7/5$425Sr. HighHurricane Rebuilding (Florida)Closed$425
7/7 - 7/12$425Sr. HighHurricane Rebuilding (Florida)Register Now$425
7/14 - 7/19$425Multi-AgeHurricane Rebuilding (Florida)Register Now$425
7/21 - 7/26$425Multi-AgeHurricane Rebuilding (Florida)Register Now$425
7/28 - 8/2$425Multi-AgeHurricane Rebuilding (Florida)Register Now$425
8/4 - 8/9$425ALLHurricane Rebuilding (Florida)Closed$425
8/11 - 8/16$425Multi-AgeHurricane Rebuilding (Florida)Closed$425