To serve on the Holy Land Mission Trips (for the trip cost listed below), you must have a group of at least 2 people. The maximum we can host in this community is 15 people however we can take 20 on a case by case basis. All weeks are filled on a "first come, first served" basis.

* Trips listed with the Group Type of “ALL” are currently available to groups of all ages and types.

Cost/PersonGroup TypeCommunityBook TripCost/
20198/2 - 8/13$1,495AdultHoly LandClosed$1,495
9/6 - 9/17$1,495AdultHoly LandClosed$1,495
9/20 - 10/1$1,495AdultHoly LandClosed$1,495
10/4 - 10/15$1,495AdultHoly LandRegister Now$1,495
10/18 - 10/29$1,495AdultHoly Land - OLIVE HARVESTRegister Now$1,495
11/1 - 11/12$1,495AdultHoly Land - OLIVE HARVESTRegister Now$1,495
11/15 - 11/26$1,495AdultHoly LandClosed$1,495
11/30 - 12/11$1,495AdultHoly LandRegister Now$1,495
12/17 - 12/28$1,495AdultHoly Land - CHRISTMAS SEASONRegister Now$1,495